Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 519

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 519

persons breast with blossom tree painted on it

Don’t forget that next Sunday the 4th April is prompt weekend. Head over to the post and spin the wheels to find out what your challenge is.

This week I am delighted to welcome back my very good friend Kayla Lords to the round-up. You can find her on Loving BDSM and on Twitter @KaylaLords

Kayla’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

All of the images I chose this week and many, many others shared for Sinful Sunday only brought one thought to mind, “Gorgeous!”

Little Switch Bitch

persons leg with UV wax on their leg

I love LSB’s images, in general, but multi-colored wax play always captures my attention.

Focused and Filthy

close up black white between breasts

The extreme close-up could make this view look abstract, but these contours can’t be denied or missed.

Happy Come Lucky

persons breast with blossom tree painted on it

I’m in awe of the raw artistic talent to paint such a detailed image on a boob, as well as the juxtaposition of the art and the nipple. Also, this is just a gorgeous view!

Vanilla Free Sex

person kneeling on bed wearing straped underwear

Storm mentioned problems getting into this sexy, strappy thing but from the outside looking in, I see absolutely no problems and only gorgeous angles.

Floss Does Life

Nude of person with pregnant belly

I simply have no real words for this image by Floss. Her joy is so evident, and her body is beautiful that it took my breath away.


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  1. slave sindee says:

    wonderful choices

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