Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 520

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 520

penis with knitted flower hat on the top

Don’t forget this Sunday is the first Sunday in April and therefore prompt weekend!

This weeks I am delighted to welcome Quinn Rhodes to the round-up. You can find him on his own blog On Queer Street and on Twitter @OnQueerStreet

Quinn’s Top 5 Pics of the week

[CW: mention of mental illness and transphobia]
Depression has been kicking my arse recently. Being very mentally ill, living through a global pandemic, and being a trans person living in 2021 when people are passing laws that will kill us is exhausting. Last year I was very burned out, and (apparently) it’s not possible to work your way out of burn out, but the blogging hiatus my burn out forced me into means that I feel very disconnected from the sex blogging community right now.* 

While I had totally forgotten that Molly had asked me to do this round-up, I was really excited when she asked me if I was still up for doing it. (Thankfully she has been incredibly patient with my hot mess of a self in getting this round-up to her.) It was so much fun to go through and read everyone’s posts – y’all are amazing! It really reminded me of some of the things I love most about being part of the sex blogging community and the power we have in sharing our bodies and photos and stories and vulnerability. 

*That, and last year’s horrific transphobia

My picks:

A to Sub Bee

penis with knitted bonnet on the head

This couldn’t not be one of my picks: it’s brilliant. I love photos that include nakedness but aren’t serious and sexy but instead playfully sexy. And even though this photo includes a crocheted dick bonnet, there’s something hot about it as well. I’m very into the veins in the Keeper’s dick and the strong fingers at its base. I also think that Bee is being very hard on themselves – any poem including the line ‘Now come here and let me sit on that cock’ is a good one in my book. (Is there a market for a book of poetry about dicks? I want to curate that poetry collection!)

Focused and Filthy

glass ball with inverted reflection of view between womans open legs

As someone who is also looking for their libido, this one really spoke to me! Missy’s photography is so clever and absolutely gorgeous, and I love the sharp focus of the image in her crystal ball. There’s something magical about her photo, so I’m hoping that magic will bring back her libido. It’s just beautiful. And while I know that lots of people have been struggling with a see-sawing or vanished libido during lockdown, lots of us don’t talk about it. I’m glad Missy shared her experiences and reminded others that it’s normal if we don’t feel especially sexy right now.

Exposing 40

naked bodyscape of woman laying on her side with her arm over her belly

I am frequently in awe of Exposing 40’s photography. I’m also in awe of her ability to just present a photo without any words, just a title – not that this photo needs any words. It is breathtaking. The lines and curves and light and shadow are utterly beautiful: I feel like I’m looking at a piece of artwork. I love the simplicity of the photo and I love the freckles on E40’s arms. I’m not sure my words can capture how stunning it is – I hope that she’ll take it as a compliment that her photography always makes me want to pick up a camera and take more photos. (But being the blurry snaps I end up tweeting most of the time, I’d understand if she didn’t want to take is as a compliment…)

Happy Come Lucky

buds on plant with nipple in the background

This year more than ever I am so glad that spring is finally here, with warmer days and longer evenings and the world coming alive around us. I think Honey’s photo perfectly captures all of this. I love the close-up detail of her nipple and the buds that are emerging and beginning to burst open: the light and the focus just make the photo sing with the promise of spring. It makes me want to be outside, having adventures and getting naked in the sunshine. Honey’s nipple is also captivating – possibly because I’m really thinking about nipples and top surgery right now, but also because all the textures in the photo make it so vivid and that possibility of spring so real. 

Blue Submission

woman in blue lingerie suspended in rope

I’m a slut for words more than anything else, and it’s definitely Blue’s words that had me lingering on her photo for so long. The idea of challenging yourself to self-suspend with using your left arm is incredible to me. Ok, yes, the idea of self-suspending at all is incredible to me, but I really think that Blue’s thought and planning and determination really shows in this photo! I love the way that the rope and lingerie look on her body – she is turning herself into a piece of art and that’s magical. Also, to be a little bit meta here, Blue says that there are things that she would tweak about this suspension but to me it just looks beautiful and she looks so powerful in the photo – I kind of needed that reminder that we can think we’re a total mess when the rest of the world sees something incredible. 


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