Sinful Sunday Round-up week 530

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up week 530

triptych image of woman lifting her skirt to show panties and then pubes

Here we are, slap bang in the middle of the year and another fabulous prompt weekend. The challenge this time was to create a Triptych image and the result was so many excellent, sexy and thought-provoking creations. As always I have to pick just 5 because those are the rules I made and I refuse to not stick to them so here goes

Molly’s Top 5 of the Week

Maria Opens Up

pop art triptych image of nude woman

I wish I could see this image on a really big scale. I think it would look absolutely amazing printed up as a giant canvas on a wall somewhere. A piece of art that at first glance looks like it is just shapes but then you realise it more then just any shapes.

Lillith Avir

Triptych image of woman holding red apple, finger to ref lips and rainbow scarf around her arm

I will admit that on first viewing I missed the story being told here in this triptych image but when I went back I realised that actually this image was realy damn clever and fabulous celebration of pride. There is no sin (the top image represents sin) there is no virtue (the second image) there is just stuff people do (the final image with the pride scarf) Genuis work there Lilly. Well done.

My Wild Lens

triptych image of woman lifting her skirt to show panties and then pubes

So so simple but so so sexy. I love the high contrast and how it makes her the absolutely feature of all three images and the slow reveal. Also damn those pubes are gorgeous.


triptych image of 3 images of zebra rose mouth

I am fairly in agreement with Zebra Rose on her statement, a filled mouth is a happy mouth and this triptych actually made me crave that feeling of the drool running down my chin and onto his balls. When an image leaves me wanting I know it is a good one


triptych image of two men and a woman orgy threesome

And finally this…. are words really needed to explain why I picked this? Can’t I just go with unnnfffff? Or, I so want a threesome again some day.


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