Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 538

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 538

a leap of faith striding through the trees

Welcome to weekly Round-up 538 and it was prompt weekend which means it is my turn to pick from all your extreme angles images. So without further ado…

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A Leap of Faith

woman striding through the trees in the woods

I had to pick this one even though it plays a little bit fast and loose with the prompt Which was extreme angles meaning taking the picture from an extreme angle) it is just such a phenomenal image. She looks so powerful and bold within the woods, like she is some sort of woodland goddess striding through her world. I absolutely love it.

Maria Opens Up

looking down at woman naked in the shower

There were two shower images this week and I picked both of them. This one by Maria because of how turning it black and white made it about textures and detail but also the angle gives it a slightly creepy air as if some thing is hoovering above her watching her shower

Adult Explorations

looking down at man on hands and knees in the shower

I think the slight over processing of this image was such a good idea. It makes it look a bit like it could be a painting or a drawing but also a bit like Maria’s it has a slightly creepy feel to it which I really love.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

looking through persons legs to his balls and penis hanging down

I just think this is so fucking sexy. I love this view between a persons legs so you can see their balls and head of their cock. I can’t help but imagine snaking my hand between those thighs and having a little fondle

Exposing 40

naked person standing in a tree

I mean just WOW. The angle of this shot makes everything just look soooo tall but my absolutely favourite thing about it is how his arms appears to be a continuum of the branch that is coming across behind the model.

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