Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 623

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 623

Wild laying on her side with bars of bannisters creating sections across her body

Welcome to weekly round-up 623. The prompt for April is out now and you have about 10 days to work on your images. This week I get the pleasure of handing this space over to the lovely MJ. You can find him being fabulous on twitter @MonsterousJaffa

MJ’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A Leap of Faith

Person in blue leotard and matching tights in rope suspension so they are making the triskelion sign

The main colours in this image mirror the legs of the triskelion – brown rope, blue clothing, black backdrop. Three colours, three legs, each starkly different, separate from each other.

Pain as Pleasure

Looking at the soles of feet there big toes are tied together and bull whip is touching the feet

The attention to detail captured in this image reflects the attention to detail he builds into each scene. A stool to support the calves and lift the feet just so? Done! A shoelace, complementing the stronger bonds, holding her toes and feet in just the right spot? Done!

My Wild Lens

Wild laying on her side with bars of bannisters creating sections across her body

WL has chronicled her struggles with Long COVID so vividly on her Twitter timeline recently. This image is such a powerful summation – stripped bare, imprisoned by the effects of the disease.

I hope she finds release soon.

Following Floss

Floss laying stretched out on the bed with sunlight illuminating her tummy and pubic hair

I adore how her tattoo is the constant in both the colour and the B&W versions of this image. That flowing stretch of ink that cascades so gracefully along her flank pulls the eye back no matter where you look.

Erotic Tales for the Visual Woman

Naked man stretched out looking like the statue on the front of a ship

Lastly, but not least Jerbear, flying through the air, like a priapic figurehead on the prow of a sail boat cutting through the waves of the warm Pacific Ocean, or perhaps adorning the bonnet of a Rolls Royce as it glides through the streets of Kensington. This made me smile so much!

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