Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 628

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 628

Cropped image of floss laying topless with green skirt pulled up round her waist

Welcome to weekly round-up 628. Don’t forget that next Sunday (7th May) it will be May which means it is prompt time again!

This week the round-up is in the capable hands of Nick – a reformed photographer who prefers to look at what other people have wrought, but appreciates it all the more for knowing how hard it is to make the magic happen. He doesn’t blog, as far as anyone knows, but still hangs around Twitter as @teflonreturns. 

Nick’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Ooh, Sunday came round quick, didn’t it?   

Another fine opportunity to observe those peeks into the world of the visual folks, those who do their thing, and record it for the rest of us.  Once again, a sterling selection of smut, showcasing styles, subjects and shadows this week.  The sun has clearly been making an impression, it’s that time of year when natural light starts to make itself felt, and a few images made fabulous use of the sun. 

Following Floss

Floss topless laying on her back with green shirt pulled up round her waist

To that end, the first image I’ve picked is “All that I Am” by Floss. There is a quality of light at work here, that golden colour that makes you feel warm even before the nakedness starts to work it’s magic.  The shadows and highlights are wonderful, particularly and especially the shadows cast by erect nipples.  The little splash of colour right in the middle, the tattoos, all combine into one snapshot of a moment you can just feel. 

Focused and Filthy

Missy laying in bubble bath holding cup of tea

My second pick is “Hot bath with hot tea” by Focused and Filthy.  Again, it’s the lighting and the shadows that cast this picture from being an image, into being a whole moment in time, with a quality that’s familiar to me (and hopefully many others) of that time of day when the daylight falls through the bathroom window, not gone yet but on it’s way out.  I really like the focus of the shot, telling the story of that mental priority, from the bath, the obligatory temperature control leg, but centred, in sharp lines, to the all important cup of tea.  Yes, I’m British.  You can tell, right? 

Annie Savoy

Room with beige sofa and rug. On the wall is an abstract college made up of an image of Annie laying in black fishnet body

Annie Savoy’s “Spring Song” made my list, partly again for the light and sharp shadows that show you the warmth where the sun hits, and the highlights on those parts that want to be seen, but mostly because of her deconstruction. Integrating the image into another scene, recasting the photo as a collage with a whole new aesthetic, giving us another look.  Bonus points from me, and when’s the massive wall hanging collage coming out please? 

Happy Come Lucky

Honey wearing baby blue and peach coloured lingerie with corset bodice and lots of ribbons and bows

Next up, “Satin, lace and ribbons” by HappyComeLucky.  This pic for me was all about the colours and forms, those pale, almost dainty colours, that underpin the words. The repeated, crisscrossed ribbons that do look like someone spent a long time creating an ornate gift-wrapping that someone gets to unwrap later, and find out that the promise of that wrapping can be fulfilled.  It’s a perspective on coverage, and there is more than most lingerie, but still less than it looks like, which just makes you want to pull on a ribbon. 

No Pants Endurance

Naked man standing on side of dirty track with heart rate wrist monitor round his erect penis

No Pants Endurance is my last pick, because that is utterly, marvellously ridiculous, and I am still smirking at the whole idea and scenario, mostly because I wish I’d thought of that.  

Well played, sir.  Well played indeed. Science thanks you. 


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