Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 640

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 640

Mrs Jones standing topless in front of Angel wings wall art for weekly round-up 640

Welcome to round-up 640. As usual a little reminder about the upcoming prompt before we crack on with this weeks selections.

I am very happy to welcome my good friend Kayla Lords back to the round-up space this week. You can find her selling beautiful hitty things on The Kinkery and also on Twitter @KaylaLords

Kayla’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s always so fun to do a Sinful Sunday round-up but also so difficult. How do I narrow down my faves to just a few? I love the creativity and the sensuality of everyone’s images. These are my favorite.

Pain as Pleasure

Looking down on person with skirt pulled up and red knickers showing. A hand is resting on her back

I have always been an admirer of cute panties and cute butts — my own or someone else’s. Seeing a possessive hand on a cute butt warms my kinky heart.

Modesty Ablaze

Modesty pulling down her red knickers showing her bare bottom

Okay, so maybe there’s a theme here, but I already said I’m here for cute butts and cute panties. This is a very nice view, Modesty!

Focused and Filthy

Looking down through bubbles in the bath to vulva with a smattering of pubic hair

Focused and Filthy always takes gorgeous photos, so I’m not surprised I love this image. The only word that comes to mind for me is “luscious.” The bubbles and the wet, slick skin make my mouth water.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones topless against large angel art wings on wall so she looks like the wings are hers

I love this take on angel wing pictures! The mural of the wings is gorgeous but my eyes are definitely drawn to the angel.

Happy Come Lucky

Collage of black and white images of two people adopting the same naked pose

I. Love. This! The poses are beautiful and artistic. At a quick glance, I would assume these images are hanging in a museum or art gallery. Absolutely gorgeous!


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