Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 656

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 656

Layered image of Floss topless giving the finger to the camera

Welcome to weekly round-up 656. It was the first weekend in November which means it was prompt weekend. The challenge this month was ‘quotes’ and as always I am blown away by the variety and creativity of the images it inspired.

There is one more prompt left for this year which will go out next week but prompt weekend will definitely carry on in 2024 and if you are a blogger who creates images there will also definitely be a February Photofest 2024 too

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A to sub Bee

Black and white of Bee laying naked on their back on the floor covered in quotes that have been written on their skin

This is an utterly inspired take on the prompt and I take my hat of to Bee for not only having a cracking idea but executing it so brilliantly. I love everything about this and if you have not read their explanation definitely go do that now.


Composite image of the Thinker by Rodin. The left half is a nude man and the right i the actual statue

Not one that fitted in with the prompt quote but I have always said it is totally optional. I had to include this in the round-up because, well, it’s bloody brilliant and I have spent a long time looking at it and wondering how he gets the images to blend together so perfectly

Erotic Stories for the Visual Woman

Nude man dancing in the woodland beside fire with the sparks flying up in the air creating streaks in the image

I just love this. The fire, the sparks the red light and his pose. It is playful and joyful and there is that sense of wildness to it which so calls to me

Annie Savoy

Looking out a window to a street view with a diner on the corner opposite. In the window is a picture of a cityscape with a mirror in the middle with a nude bum reflected in it

There is so much going on in this image. The view out the window is what first pulled my eye in but then I ended up looking at the hanging picture and noticing Annie’s peachy bottom in the midst of it. Then there is the actual room the picture was taken in, the milk caps on the table suggesting it is maybe a hotel room. it is essentially 3 or maybe even four different views all in one picture. Just brilliant.

Following Floss

Layered image of floss topless giving the camera the finger

Flosses quote choice is absolutely spot on her and interruption of it made me grin. Floss loved the colour version, which you can see a section of in the header for this post but for me I love the black and white, there is something more bold and confronting about it that I like


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