Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 657

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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 657

Mrs Jones in outdoor bathtub in water that is tinged pink. She has red painted toe nails

Welcome to Round-up 657. The December prompt is out now to give you plenty of time to get your Christmas music on!

This weeks it is pleasure to welcome a new contributor to the weekly round-up spread. I first discovered Jayden Vincente through the A – Z Blogging challenge and we have been visiting each others blogs ever since. You can find her on her own blog J. R. Vincente and on Facebook J.R Vincente

Jayden’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Welcome to the round-up for Week 657 of Sinful Sunday! I’m thrilled to be writing my first-ever round-up for Sinful Sunday! Thanks for having me, Molly! I’ve only recently begun putting sexy pictures on my blog (it’s all been writing up until recently), so it’s a lot of fun to become more involved in the different challenges I’ve been watching but haven’t dared to take part in (yet!).

Focused and Filthy

Black and white of Leatherman clamp holding a nipple tight and taunt

This one has to my first pick with a Leatherman in it! As a follower of Focused and Filthy, I saw this come into my email, and I was intrigued by the title. My husband, Richard, is an avid collector of multi-tools, so we have many Leathermen (ha!) floating around our house. This is certainly a use I hadn’t anticipated somehow, but it’s clever! Plus, I’m a sucker for nipple torture.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones in outdoor bathtub in water that is tinged pink. She has red painted toe nails

What a great picture! I am so jealous of Mrs. Jones’ outdoor clawfoot tub! That might become a bucket list item for when I own a house again. And to have such a deep tub just looks marvelous!

Happy Come Lucky

Honey tied to St Andrews Cross wearing super high heeled boots and a thong

What a great picture, and what awesome boots! I’d probably fall over in them (though being unsteady has its own appeal!), but what I love most about this post is the confidence she has in posting. Truly a beautiful photo!

Adult Exploration

Man in underpants and white shirt and tie. The white shirt is undone and so it the tie and he has a noticeable bulge in his grey pants

What a great tease! It’s definitely the start of a sexy fantasy, so it had to make my favorites list! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up writing a sexy story based off the idea. 

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly naked kneeling on hotel bed. She is lit from behind and so her front is throw into dark shadows but we can just see she is cupping her breasts

This picture (and the accompanying story) are lovely. I love the sensuality displayed with the lighting in this hotel room. And who can deny that hotel sex is the best sex? My husband and I almost booked a hotel for an afternoon recently just to get away and have sex. We didn’t this time, but I’m sure those credit card points will be put to good use soon!

These were all great entries and I’m so glad to get to share them with you! I hope you all have a wonderful week and hope to see you again soon!



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    wonderful picks thanks to all who contributed

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