Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 686

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 686

Cropped image is Ash in the mirror with her partner standing behind her cupping her breasts and kissing her neck for weekly round-up 686

Welcome to weekly round-up 686 and as it was the first Sunday of the month that meant it is was prompt week and the theme this time was mirror(s). One of my favourtite things to use in self portrait photos so I was excited to see what everyone else did. As always, so many good pictures but here is my top of pics

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Monstrous Jaffa

Reflection in mirror of man laying face down on bed taking a picture in the mirror. Behind him someone is a lace body suit with their breasts out appears to be pegging him

There is so much going on in this image. The use of the mirror means we are getting the same view as Jaffa and so we basically become voyeurs with him and we are witnessing is one sexy scene but there is more than just the people. I love that on both bedside tables there are different dildos and on the one nearest Ouizzi a bottle of lube. It makes me wonder if they sat and discussed the dildo options for this activity before deciding and to be honest, makes me curious about which one finally got picked and why

A to sub Bee

Black and white image of reflection of Bee's back in the mirror shot through their legs so we can see her pussy blurry framing the image

This image is one of those clever shots where you have to pause for a moment and work out what or really how you are seeing what you are seeing. Obviously there was a clue in the prompt but if presented with this image without knowing that then I think it would make most people pause as they tried to workout how they were seeing both the back of Bee and through their legs at the same time

The OutCum of Pleasure

Triple shaving mirror showing reflection of erect penis in each section

I bloody love this shot. It looks like they are all gathered round having a meeting and that thought makes me chuckle.


Ouizzi looking back over her shoulder. We are seeing her in the reflection of a mirror with large silver frame

At first I assumed she was glancing back over her shoulder to see if he (and therefore we) were looking but then I realised that maybe she was actually trying to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror to admire the beautiful wax that was decorating her. Either way, it is a stunning picture and made me crave that sting of some hot wax

Sexilicious Ash

Reflection in bathroom mirror of Ash naked with her husband behind her grabbing her breasts and kissing her neck

And finally to this stunning shot. I love that Ash’s phone/camera is in the corner of the shot and that we get to see her pride themed pop socket but the image that camera captures is one of an intensely intimate and sexy moment between two lovers. She looks like a fucking goddess being worshipped, as she should, and her pleasure in the touch emanates from this image.


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