The Rules for the Weekly Round-up

It's all about the image

Thank you for agreeing to write a Sinful Sunday round-up.

When the round-up started I wrote them all but after a while I thought it would be nice to have other people picking their favourites. We all have a slightly different eye and we all like different things and I felt that opening it up to other people fitted in with my original idea of creating an open, diverse, supportive community. Since then numerous wonderful people have contributed to the round-up, both people who link into the meme and those that come here to look through the list each week. I am very grateful to all those people who believe in Sinful Sunday and help to make it what it is every week.

The Rules for writing a weekly round-up

  • You can pick ANY 5 images from those linked in, including mine, but NOT yourself but feel free to still link in that week, just because you are doing the write up does not mean you cannot join in.
  • You need to send me the link to each post that you pick and a couple of sentences about why. You do NOT need to send me the actual images as I will pull them myself.
  • Please also include an introductory paragraph to your piece, you can get an idea by looking at other guest posters contributions. You can find a list of them all here
  • You need to have the round-up to me by the Thursday morning immediately after your allocated Sunday.
  • I will include a link back to your blog and Twitter profile as the author of the round-up.
  • Please email your roundup to [email protected]



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