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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 340

The prompt for November is out now and you have just over 2 weeks work on your images

This week my guest on the round-up is the fabulous Tabitha Rayne who is back for the second time here on Sinful Sunday. You can find her on her own blog Tabitha Rayne and on Twitter @tabitharayne

Tabitha’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

This week’s photography was so wonderful to look through. I was moved by each one and it took a long time to choose five. There were some reflective posts, some gorgeous posts celebrating friendships and others celebrating a year of blogging.

The point is, Sinful Sunday is where we get to share these things. It is our safe place where we can explore so much about ourselves and each other. I’m so delighted by how many people take part each week. Something always makes me giggle, something always makes me cry and I’m always in awe and inspired by the intensely personal images. I hope I’ve managed to share my joy of these similarities and differences with my choices.

From the first chaste photo I posted over 3 years ago, I can honestly say, I’ve grown by being part of this welcoming community. I ? Sinful Sunday

Happy Come Lucky

Nude of woman standing on bed touching ceiling

As soon as I experienced this post I knew it would be in my top five. I say experience, because that’s what it is for me. The image is beautiful and the words are stunning. I’ve read them four or five times and have sobbed every time.
Poignant, poetic, moving.

“But I suspect in years to come we will find ourselves one day bathed in autumn sun; the rain forgotten, the pains and woes suspended for a time, and we will gather bread, and cheese, and wine, and together we will open up a love matured and ripe, and take a bite of happiness.

Some things are best enjoyed out of season.”
*wipes a tear*

Cammies on the Floor

Man holding woman up against a tree by her wrists

Oh my god, the intensity in this photograph is incredible. The backdrop is lush, the composition perfect and the colours bring an eerie quality. The chemistry between the couple consumes the whole scene. I Fucking love this photo. Brilliant.

I have Loved you a Long Time

Woman wearing black lace body

I chose this purely because it is aesthetically gorgeous. I would have this as a piece of art on my wall. The patterns, the lines all have a classic vintage feel to them. So beautiful.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Nude woman laying on top of cables dumped in woodland
Ok, so, this photo is something special indeed. I can close my eyes and I’m there, in that forest. I can hear the intense silence cracked open by bird calls ricochetting through the trees. That hazy vibrating intensity of sunlight striking through the canopy has been stunningly captured here. It is so cinematic and incredible. I could write a novel starting with this scene.

penis with tiny knitted hat on the end

So I just love this post. Who hasn’t put one of those tiny hats on a willing willie? Or at the very least, thought about it! I also like how AM doesn’t just have a giggle taking photos, he also brings awareness to the Innocent campaign to combat loneliness. And bravo to that. My poor gran gets lonely and it breaks my heart that she has no one to hold her close at night. Fab, fun, thoughtful image.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 338

Welcome to the Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up.

Sinful Sunday monthly prompt sponsored by Sheets of San Francisco

It has been a long time since we have had a competition on this site and so when Sheets of San Francisco wanted to do one as part of sponsoring Sinful Sunday I was delighted because not only would it be wonderful to offer such a unique prize but I also would get to work with and promote a great company who make an excellent product. So before we get to the round-up I really want to just give them a massive shout-out for their support with this project.

Now I am sure you are all aware of what the prompt was for this month and the prize being offered to one lucky blogger. If not then go and check out Sunday’s post where you can see that, and all the other entries.

Top 5 Pics of the Week

Cleareyed Girl

Woman's breast and nipple with water cascading down over it

The detail in this image is absolutely phenomenal. I love the way the trails of water seems to frame her nipple and how the water is cascading of the underside of her breast creating a mist around her. The whole thing is just perfection.

Maria Open’s Up

Nude Woman wearing crown with fake blood splattered over her

I am a huge fan of Maria’s spooky, creepy images and this one is no exception. The look in her eye is absolutely chilling. It reminds me of a poster for a movie or an album cover. It is truly a piece of artwork.

Happy Come Lucky

Looking down woman with mouth open and topless with water pouring over her

I find something incredibly raw and sexy about this one. It inspired a visceral reaction in me that kept me on the page devouring this image: Her open mouth, the angle of the shot, the line of fluid dissecting the image, it just works.

A to sub Bee

Close up shot of honey running down over a womans vulva

The use of selective colour in this image is inspired. It really does make the trail of golden honey pop from the image to the extent that you then have to spend a moment or two working out what that honey is trailing over. I also love the way the honey is magnifying the parts of Bee’s skin that it is running over. This image is a visual delight.

Little Switch Bitch

nude woman with ultra violet fluid running over her body

Here we are at the final image in this weeks round-up and I have saved this one till last as it is the winner of the amazing prize offered by Sheets of San Francisco. I love the way the ultraviolet fluids pick out the shape and form of her body almost lifting it out of the bluey darkness with its bright tendrils and I really can’t wait to see this image printed out on one of Sheets of San Fransisco’s products because I think it is going to look amazing.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 334

Oh what a fabulous idea the blue prompt was. Exposing 40 even left a comment on my post saying how much she loved looking at the Sinful Sunday page this week because all the little icons made this beautiful calming sea of blue and she is absolutely right. It is a very pretty sight indeed. I think in the future we shall add colours to the reoccurring prompts alongside letter of the alphabet.

Before I launch into my top 5 pics though I just wanted to give you a little teaser that the next prompt which will be out next week has a very exciting element to it. I am not going to say what just yet, but you best keep your eyes open to find out what it is.

Molly’s Top 5 of the Week

Rabbit in Chains

Posterised image of woman in blues and green with knife to her chest

I find this image utterly mesmerizing. The colours are amazing and remind me of the sea, in fact she looks like some sort of water nymph. That green eye looking out from beneath her hair is intoxicating and she looks wild and dangerous and I find that very sexy.

Exposing 40

woman standing naked on rocks at the shore at nightfall

What I absolutely love about this shot, which is exceptional, is the way she looks so completely at home standing there. There is nothing in her stance that implies she is uncomfortable or nervous but instead she looks like she is perfectly at home naked in this spot as if she stands here often and watches the darkness envelop her world like some sort of fairy or Goddess.

Frisky in the 916

Man stanind by bed naked jerking off

I love the way the sunlight is catching the purple wall and creating a blue arch of light that leads the eye into his hand grasping his cock. There is something about his stance too, a strength and boldness to it that I find incredibly sexy.

Lil Miss Shalla

Space aged nude self portrait of man wearing gaming headset

Clearly this image is not Shalla but her friend TinMan who wanted to participate and for one am delighted he did because this image is just fabulous. I love the futuristic, sci-fi feel to it and the view down his body is tantalizing. I find the dip of his shoulder behind his collar bone so very erotic, I want to reach down into the image and trail my fingers along that line and into that dip.

By Aurora Glory

woman sitting naked on the shore with dusty pink sunset behind her

This is absolutely my favourite image this week. It looks like a water colour painting. The colours are beautiful. She has controlled the light perfectly retaining detail throughout the image even in the dark shadow created by her body we can still make out the texture of the sand.The only one piece of tiny technical advice I would have for her is to straighten the horizon but it really is the most minor distraction to this glorious image of her in which she looks like mermaid that has been stranded on the shore by a receding tide. Absolutely brilliantly photography!

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 322

The prompt for July will be out tomorrow so make sure you pop back to find out what it is. In the meantime this weeks round-up is in the hands of Bear’s cub who blogs with her partner at The Misadventures of Bear and cub and you can find her on Twitter @His_cub

His cub’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Cleareyed Girl

looking up womans nude body as she fingers herself

I love how raw and strong this image is. There is a level of urgency to it, the sort of lust that cannot wait. I love the textures, all the perfect imperfections that show us a real woman, proud of her body and her sexuality. It’s wonderfully honest and very sexy.

A to sub Bee

Nude woman in red light

The first thing I noticed about this was obviously the colour; that dangerous, Amsterdam red. As you look closer, you see the sexy glimpse of flesh. It’s beautifully framed, managing to be very exciting without revealing a lot, leaving the viewer firmly outside but looking in with the naughty thrill of the voyeur.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly with white veil sitting in giant leaf

I wondered if including the lovely Molly’s contribution would make me too much of a teacher’s pet, but it was just too beautiful. It’s unexpected and creative. I have always loved pre-Raphaelite paintings, and this is pure Millais. The huge leaves protecting the fairy-like creature within, the otherworldly quality of the light… Gorgeous.

Life of Elliot… and all that Jizz

Naked picture of man with sun bursting through sky

This one is such a cheerful, optimistic picture. It puts me in mind of an animal coming out of hibernation, sniffing the air, feeling the sun, ready for adventure.


woman nude sitting on rocks looking out to sea

This is beautifully composed, with that huge deep blue sky. Another otherworldly image, she simultaneously looks like an innocent former mermaid, gazing wistfully out to sea, and a predatory siren, bewitching passing sailors. Who could resist?


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