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Easter Competition News

31st March 2012

I know I have been promising you this post for a couple of weeks now but the issue has been caused by the fact that no-one has been able to invent the ‘create more hours in the day’ machine that I have pre-ordered in Amazon! I live in hope quite frankly.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense and on with the very important and super exciting business of the forthcoming Easter Sinful Sunday competition which will take place on the 8th April 2012. We have a theme, prizes galore and a new guest judge so lets get started shall we?


Easter Perversion

Interpret as you will, but just in case… Chocolate… Hot Cross Buns.. Sacrifice… Cross…Rabbits… Spring…Altar… Resurrection…Betrayal…Easter Bonnet… Easter Baskets…. To be honest the list is endless, all you have to do is pervert the cause of Easter.

Just a few ideas to help get you started, but please do feel free to play around with it in your own individual way and style.


1. Your entry must contain at least one photograph (this is still Sinful Sunday after all, which is all about the image) It must be a photograph you took or someone took for you. You may include more than one image in your post

2. You must follow the normal guidelines for Sinful Sunday and use the badge to link your post back here.

3. Only one entry per blog

4. To be eligible for the competition your post must be inspired by the theme. (see above)

5. Please make sure your post is clearly marked as a competition entry. If you wish to still link into Sinful Sunday on that day but not be included in the competition that is fine, there will be a separate link in list for non competition entries.


In anticipation of the potential number and standard of entries I have decided to again offer 6 prize winning places. I am sure you will all agree that the prizes on offer are truly exceptional and I would like to say a massive big thank you to; Sextoys.co.uk, Venus Flytrap Jewels Nipple Charms and Elenya Lewis for sending me so many wonderfully sexy things. Ready for the list? (Where you see the * is where I have linked to the suppliers listing so you can see more details or a better image of the item)

6th Prize

6th prize in the Easter Sinful Sunday competition

Chocolate Boobs from Sextoys.co.uk and *Nipple/Belly Bindi’s From NippleCharms.com

5th prize

5th prize in the Easter Sinful Sunday competition

Chocolate Willie from Sextoys.co.uk and *Fetish Ring ‘Bound’ from Venus Flytrap Jewels

4th Prize

4th prize in the Easter Sinful Sunday competition

Chocolate Dick Stick from Sextoys.co.uk and *Purple Sub Earrings from Venus Flyrtrap Jewels

3rd Prize

3rd prize in the Sinful Sunday Easter competition

After Dinner Willies from Sextoys.co.uk and *Freak Show Ring from Venus Flytrap Jewels

2nd Prize

2nd prize in the Easter Sinful Sunday competition

Cream Filled Willies from Sextoys.co.uk, A pair of *Nipple Shields from Nipple Charms.com and *Freak Chic Brooch from Venus Flytrap Jewels

1st Prize

1st prize in the Easter Sinful Sunday competition

Chocolate Chilli Willie Roulette from Sextoys.co.uk, A pair of *’Electric’ Nipple Sheilds, A *Princess By Day Slut By Night Necklace from Venus Flytrap Jewels and finally a completely unique Sock Bunny crafted and donated by Elenya Lewis

Told you it was a pretty impressive stash of prizes didn’t I?


As with the previous competition there will be a judging panel which consists of myself, Sir (Domsigns) and a new guest judge; Kerry Stott.  Kerry is the author of Double Decker Bus; “a compelling account of  Kerry’s adventures with cancer”. Kerry and I discovered each other, well she found me really, on twitter and to my surprise asked me I would be willing to be interviewed on her Blogtalk Radio Show (to be aired on the 26th April). It has been a real pleasure getting to know Kerry better over the last couple of months and I am delighted to now be able to call her my friend. She is a funny, sassy, talented and intelligent lady and I sure her appreciation of all things erotic will make her a fabulous addition to this competition’s judging panel.

So there it is, the theme, the rules, the prizes, and the judges, all that is missing is you; the participants!



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