Sinful Sunday Round-up 71

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 71

23rd August 2012

In case you have missed it please make sure you have read the Sinful Sunday Competition Announcement. Apart from a list of prizes it contains everything you need to know for the up coming competition on the 9th September. If you are new to Sinful Sunday and have not taken part in one of the competitions before I really recommend you look back at some of the past competitions. Also, if you still want to join in with Sinful Sunday on that weekend but have not put together a competition entry don’t worry as there is always a separate list for non-competition entries and so you can link in as normal.

Whilst you ponder the prompt lets look at this weeks top 5 pics.

T Is For TMI

T is for TMI on Sinful Sunday

I know this post was dated last Sunday but due to a technical difficulties the link never appeared last week and so I decided to leave it in this weeks list as it seemed such a shame that so many people had missed it. I have picked this image because I think it demonstrates a side to Sinful Sunday that I love. There are many bloggers who have good cameras and lighting and great technical ability and they take images that reflect that but you don’t HAVE to have those things to take an interesting, erotic, sexy image and this is a great example. You can tell that is has been snapped in the moment, it is not staged or posed but it is clever. I think it makes you pause and take stock of what you are seeing and who is doing what. Is the photographer part of the scene at this moment or is he purely the voyeur?

Ruby Goodnight

Ruby Goodnight on Sinful Sunday

Is it my filthy mind or does this look like Ruby is licking a huge chocolate cock? I find this image mesmerizing and I can’t decide if it makes my mouth water because I want to lick that spoon or if it is the thought of licking the batter from Ruby’s sexy lips that makes me drool. Mrs Goodnight is a lucky woman a lucky woman as far as I am concerned.

Carnal Carnival

Carnal Carnival on Sinful Sunday

I love the fact that each week we seem to be getting more and more new players to Sinful Sunday. Slowly but surely the community is growing. This Sunday was Carnal Carnival’s first ever contribution and she arrived with a real splash in my opinion. The piece is called ‘In The Box’ but is she really in a box? It seems like it but yet again something is not quite right. You can find the answer to that in the comments on her post. I love the way she is being reflected in box and the colours make it look a bit like a box of candy.

Girl, Uninterrupted

Girl Uninterrupted

Here she is again. A bit like a Couple of Wankers a few weeks back Girl Uninterrupted seems to have reserved her spot on the weekly round-up by her consistently amazing photographs and this one is no exception. Actually to be honest I think of all the images of her’s I have featured over the last couple of weeks this one is by far and away the best. The submissive pose, the soft lighting and his beautiful male form all combine together to create something that is stunningly sexy sensual and erotic.

Whole Sex Life

Whole Sex Life on Sinful Sunday

I had a hard time choosing which of the 3 images from this post to feature here but in the end had to go with this because of the beautiful expression on her face. You can so tell she was just having the best fun doing these shots. This is her tribute to Amelia Earhart, a woman she grew up respecting and I love it. The 1920’s look, the cheeky face, the bare legs, the open air…. how could it not be my top pic of the week?

You can see the full list of this weeks players HERE



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