Halloween Prizes!

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Halloween Prizes!

2nd November 2012

Are you ready for the Sinful Sunday Halloween competition this weekend? Maybe seeing the fabulous pile of prizes that are on offer might be what you need to spur you on with your creative entries.

Halloween Sinful Sunday prize bundle

As you can see the prize bundle is full of fabulously sexy items and each of the 6 winners are guaranteed to receive at least 3 different items each. As this is the last Sinful Sunday competition of 2012 I would like to take this opportunity this thank all the sponsors who over this year have donated a whole sea of prizes which have given the competitions that extra special buzz.

In particular I would like to thank the really wonderful people at Nipplecharms.com who have donated a whole host of their sexy products over this year and also sextoys.co.uk who have also been fabulously generous with their donations. Then there are the new kids on the block Leatherdelights.co.uk who sell a whole host of fabulous kink leather products, many of whom Sir and I have in our very own box of delights. Is that enough? Not quite, because this month Erotic Toy Town have donated a Fetish Fantasy Hood and a Dreamgirls ‘Gypsy Dancer’ outfit, also very excitingly I have another copy of the sexy adult game Tease up for grabs and finally this prize bundle contains an Armoured Cane Snake from Carneval.co.uk. We also own one of these Cane Snakes and trust me when I say you will really be happy to own one too.

So what would you like to win?



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