Sinful Sunday Halloween Competition Results!

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Sinful Sunday Halloween Competition Results!

8th November 2012

And the results are in!

Before I enlighten you all I want to yet again say a massive big thank you to all my sponsors who have been so amazingly generous throughout this year.

SextoysUK have been part of the Sinful Sunday competition since the very first one regularly sending a large consignment of goodies my way, including sex toys and books. have also been generous sponsors since the very beginning sending so many beautiful charms and bindis. This time there is only one set of charms up for grabs…. you will have to wait and see what arrives in your parcel though won’t you?

The Tease adult board game people are also treating you to one of their products this time round.

Every single one of you lucky winners is going to get one of Leather Delights very sexy mini leather paddles.

And then we have the new sponsors. Erotic Toy Town who have donated a Fetish Spandex Hood & a Gypsy Dancer outfit and the wonderful who has sent one of very unique and exclusive armoured cable cane snake that one lucky VERY lucky winner is going to receive in their prize winning bundle.

So…. time to introduce the winners!

6th Place – Becks and her Kinks

Becks and her kinks wins 6th place on Sinful Sunday competition

What is there not to love about this image? The judges felt it went perfectly with the Halloween prompt and the quote. You can not help but look at it and use your imagination. The editing has focused the eye on the dildo but spend a moment of two looking and there lots more to be seen.

5th Place – That Position

That Position wins 5th place on the sinfulsunday halloween competition

The quality of this image is really exceptional. The lighting has created an eerie shadow that makes the viewer feel like the image is looming in towards them and the reflection in the eyes are not only spooky but also seem to the give the ‘alien’ life and then the use of perspective has turned an already fairly large dildo into something that quite frankly makes your eyes water. All the judges felt that this entry really played on the quote for the theme… ““Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.” … Look at this image and use your imagination and we fairly sure there will be horror!

4th Place – Far Tickles

Far Tickles wins 4th place in the Sinful Sunday blog

No horror with this one I know but we all agreed that these fabulous Halloween pumpkins really showed a dedication to the Halloween theme. They are sexy and fun and if you read the story that goes with them you will discover that they were a pivotal moment in one life woman’s journey.

3rd Place – I Like Chocolate, He Likes Vanilla

3rd place on the sinful sunday halloween competition

We all loved the darkness of these images and again the fact that they really engage your mind. The lack of faces and the focus on various body parts with the cold colourless steel really make for a macabre scene and the last image in the series is really rather chilling.

2nd Place – A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

Penny wins 2nd place on Sinful Sunday halloween competition

 Not only is there something very erotic about this image but there is also something very disturbing about it too. We loved the way she incorporated herself in the wall art. The whole image makes you wonder is she the predator or she protecting herself. Any guesses?

1st Place – This Blissful Existence

This Blissful Existence wins 1st place on the halloween sinful sunday

I am not sure I really need to write anything here. I really do think this image speaks for itself. There is something  very ‘horror movie’ about this image. It would not look out of place on a movie poster. Her dead eye intense stare at the camera is chilling but the blood on her legs is disturbingly sexy in our opinion and her shadow gives the viewer the impression of her advancing on them. The judging panel were all in total agreement that this image HAD to be awarded 1st place.

So the final list of winners reads as

1st Place – Pleasure Of The Knife By This Blissful Existence

2nd Place – Dummy by A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

3rd Place – The Ripper by I Like Chocolate, He Likes Vanilla

4th Place – The Plumpkin Fairy By Far Tickles

5th Place – The Invasion by That Position

6th Place – All Pegger’s Eve by Becks And Her Kinks

If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me [email protected] to let me know where to send your prize and so I can send you your winners badge to display on your blog if you so wish.

Please please do click on the links and go and see them all, they really are an outstanding collection as is the full list of entries that you can find HERE.

And finally my guest judges, Domsigns and the wonderful Kerry Stott and Mr Stott, who gave up their time to look through all the amazing sexy posts (I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and then gave up even more of their time to sit around and discuss them all so that we could come up with a list that we felt confidently reflected what we believed to be the best of the best.




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