Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 116

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 116

4th July 2013

I can’t believe June has gone already, but the passing of the month signals that it is time for another guest poster here in Sinful Sunday and this month it is with great pleasure that I welcome my lovely friend and podcasting partner in crime Miss Harper Eliot. She is a talented blogger and photographer in her own right, one of her stunning images was featured in last weeks round-up and if I had been writing the round-up this week then her post from this week would definitely have been featured too but I am not and she is, so, here is what Harper selected as her top 5 images this week

Gritty Woman

gritty Woman on Sinful Sunday

What I especially like about this photograph is how erotic it is, despite not being particularly explicit. Although we are shown the undeniably erotic stocking tops and fishnet, the events are left somewhat to our imagination, allowing us to create the scene. It is a magnificent tease.

Through The Lens

Through the lens on sinful sunday

Although cock shots have come to be considered somewhat cliché, a great photograph is still a great photograph; and this is a great photograph. The pearly texture of the come is beautifully contrasted against his hair-flecked stomach, and the slight blur of the hand seems to suggest breathless movement. A beautifully captured and utterly erotic moment.

Behind The Chintz Curtain

Behind the chintz curtain on sinful sunday

Continuing with her Wander Series, this is another brilliant composition from Chintz Curtain; the grainy blur of the long grass is echoed beautifully in the muscles of her back, and in the almost threatening darkness of the trees, which are met by the joyful movement of her arms. A wonderful shot.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly's Daily Kiss on Sinful Sunday

Whilst we are all well aware of Molly’s skill both behind the lens and in front of the camera, this week’s shot is particularly wonderful, even by her standards. The pink of the peg marks, the flush of her cheeks, the contented expression behind the lift of her lips, along with the blissful reach of her arms make for a truly exquisite image.

The Erotic Notebook

Erotic Notebook on Sinful Sunday

The words which accompany this photograph are beautifully chosen, but even they are nothing compared to the power of the image itself. Almost brutal in her honesty, her eyes seem to watch us, quietly strong and wonderfully composed, as she sits, still and exposed. An utterly breathtaking image, as well as a poignant response to an important discussion about the ways our bodies change.

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  1. Heaven says:

    Wow, those pictures are wonderful. She is really good. I love the black and white capture.

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