Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 134

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 134

7th November

I loved all the spooky sinful posts the Halloween theme inspired. Although numbers were down slightly the standard of people’s work was most definitely not. Next month will be a fully fledged competition with lovely sexy prizes up for grabs. The prompt will be announced next Tuesday (12th November) which will give you just shy of 3 weeks to work on your entry and a full list of prizes and judges details will be published the week before the competition.

Now, back to this week…

Sex With Rose

Sex with rose on Sinful Sunday

Such a simple idea for a Halloween shot but Rose has executed it to perfection. The double shadow is a fabulous effect, as if the ghostly shadow is casting it’s own shadow but the provocative stanch tells the tail of a rather mischievous minxy ghost. I for one would be happy to be haunted by this dark figure.

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel's notes on sinful sunday

There were a fair few spiders on Sinful Sunday this week but it was this one that really caught my eye. There are a whole series of images in this post but this one was my favourite. I love the blue light, the way it illuminates her beautiful thighs but also blots out the view of what is behind them and yet if you look closely….

Knot Today

Knot Today on sinful Sunday

Hidden inside the cloak is a vision of a beautiful naked woman, alluring, sexy, enticing which is in stark almost alarming contrast to the face, menacing, dark and creepy. It is that stark contrast that makes this image so intriguing.

Penny’s Dirty Thoughts

Penny's Dirty Thoughts on Sinful Sunday

This is such a clever shot. By mounting the camera above herself she has created an image that you can’t help falling into and for me it is her eyes that draw me in. I find myself twisting my head to study her expression and I can’t decide if I see fear, longing or maybe even lust.

 John D Stories

John D Stories on Sinful Sunday

Another ghost and there is a truly great little ghost story to go with this one, which if you have not read then I suggest you do as it will help give some lovely spooky context to this beautifully subtle shot. The little light burst over the edge of her cloak just gives the figure a slight hazy feel to it and despite the beautiful bare legs for me there is something oddly powerful about her dirty feet that just adds a wonderful authenticity to this shot.

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    Great picks for this week!

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