Sinful Sunday Alison Titles Competition Results

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Sinful Sunday Alison Titles Competition Results

I can’t believe what an amazing bunch of entries we had for this competition. Firstly I want to thank our amazing prize sponsors; That Position (£25 Voucher) Angel’s Sex Toy ($25 Voucher) Mercury Design (One of their beautiful leather collars) Tie and Tease (The best Adult board-game on the market) for their generous donations to this competition. Without their support there would be no prizes.

I also have to thank Alison Tyler for not only allowing me to use her, or should I say her book titles, as the prompt but also for embracing the idea with such enthusiasm and joy. Please take a few moment to go and read Alison’s thoughts about this competition, they are moving and emotional.

Now to the result, despite there being 3 judges listed for this one I decided that as Alison’s books where the prompt it only seemed right for her to pick the winners, so despite the fact that we did talk through the entries the final 6 are the ones that Alison picked out as her favourites plus one, because once we were done we realised that counting had not been our strong point and we actually had 7, so rather than leave one out we decided that one of them would be given an honourable mention and that would be Penny with Stocking Up because not only are they fabulous pictures but holy cow that really is a collection of sex toys to be truly proud of!

The Winners

6th Place – Charlie in the Pool

Chest with heart shaped sweets between boobsThe book title that Charlie picked was Sweet Thing and sweet thing this image is. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best and I think this is perfect example of that. This images is clean, simple and yet very clever and despite the fact that it looks like a relatively easy image to take I don’t think it is. Getting those candies to stay in the perfect heart shape and centred on her chest I suspect was a complete bitch and I have feeling that there are probably many discarded versions of this image before this one was finally captured.

5th Place – Gritty Woman

Gritty woman wearing vampire gloves

What a truly fabulous twist on the title; Sticky Fingers. I love the powerful expression in her eyes, the way she is looking into the camera just draws you into her face and into those dark eyes but the spikes on the gloves pick up just enough light to show you that if you stepped into this image with Gritty Woman you would get a very different kind of sticky finger experience.

4th Place – A to sub Bee

rope bondage and bumble bee gloves

I am so glad this one made it onto Alison’s list because I think it is brilliant. The title, in case you have not worked it out is B is for Bondage or in this case Bee who with her bumble bee striped arms is clearly all for bondage, beautiful, decorative rope bondage at that and the bokeh effect of her wings give this shot a slightly dreamy almost fairytale feel, like a dusting of magic glitter is swirling in the air around her.

3rd place – Deviantt Kitten

Blue pubic hair

Both Alison and I loved this one, it is adorable, funny, playful and makes me almost tempted to return to having pubes and without a shadow of a doubt is the sexiest Blue Rose I have seen.

2nd Place – Kink and Poly

Jade tied up with red rope

Alison picked this as her second for many reasons but one of them being that is was very contrasting to the image that she picked as the winner which is very much about a message and this one is very much about the love of kink and intrinsic beauty of it. We both loved the slightly muted tones that bring out the deep, blood red, rope and how when combined with Jades outfit she truly captured the title she had picked; Tied up and Twisted.

1st Place – Sex Blog (of sorts)

Naked Woman looking at perfect model in fashion magazine

I am so very happy that Alison picked this as her No. 1 because in my opinion it is absolute genius. The narrative in this on the concept of ‘The Perfect Girl’ is really rather powerful. We have Charlie, who, in my opinion, looks just like a perfect girl to me, looking in at what the media and fashion world would have us believe is the perfect girl having the type of look and body shape that is acceptable to be and to admire. But the really clever little touch in this image is the perfect girl in the magazine appears to be gazing at Charlie with interest, maybe even longing for what is the real perfect girl.

You can see all the entries this week on Sinful Sunday Week 182


If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me; [email protected] to let me know where to send your prize and so I can send you your winners badge to display on your blog if you so wish. In addition all 6 winner will also be receiving an e-copy of one of her many books!



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