Sinful Stories 2 Competition

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Sinful Stories 2 Competition

Just in case anyone missed has it Exhibit A is hosting another Sinful Stories competition on his site. The first one of these was back in April and the idea was for people to write a piece of erotic fiction using an image from Sinful Sunday as their prompt/inspiration. The result was not only a whole host of amazing stories but it also fostered new connections between writers and photographers. It really was a community building thing so when EA asked me if I was up for another go round I eagerly said yes.

The full details of the competition, including the rules, dates and prizes can be found on Sinful Stories 2 Competition on Exhibit A’s blog but for all of you who participate in Sinful Sunday please be aware that next Sunday (9th November) is the weekend that from which people will be picking their image inspiration from. Joining in with Sinful Sunday does NOT mean that anyone has the automatic right to use your image as a prompt. They must get in touch with your before hand and get your permission and so it is completely up to you as the creator/owner of your image to decide if you wish to give permission.

Oh and don’t forget that just because you entered an image into Sinful Sunday does not mean you can not then also submit a story to the competition (you just can’t use your own image as your inspiration) and likewise to all the writers out there, you are more than welcome to submit an image you have to Sinful Sunday. Remember they have to be taken by you, or taken for you but they do no have to be of you, or of a body part…. a discarded pair of shoes, a unmade bed, a shadowy figure etc can be just as suggestive/erotic so please do feel free to join in with Sinful Sunday any time you like.






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