Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 198

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 198

Before I hand over to @ht_honey for the round-up this week just a quick reminder that this Sunday is the prompt weekend which is; Abstract

Honey’s Top 5 pics of the week

My first reaction when Molly asked me to do the roundup was surprise. Surprise, followed by excitement, followed by oh-my-goodness-how-will-I-ever-choose-five-EEK! Fortunately, since that time, I have calmed down and definitely embraced the opportunity (embracing Sinful Sunday is definitely to be recommended).

So, here goes. After several very pleasurable sessions of exploring this week’s posts, I have finally narrowed it down to eight wonderful pictures.  Eight? Aargh. Hang on. I’m not allowed eight. This is harder than it seems.

Cutting down the list to five has been very hard. There are such beautiful images and they all draw me in in different ways. Here are my final top five.

The first image is from ExhibitA’s monthly Anonymous post.

Womans breast in winter park

This picture compelled me to go back to it many times. There is such a crisp wintery beauty to this shot and the figure at the edge of the frame absolutely fits the mood. In addition to that, I love the fact that the picture was inspired by ExhibitA’s own tale of naked sunbathing there.

The next image is from Jack and Jill.

woman masturbating with massager

I know Sinful Sunday is all about the image, but in this case, it was the combination of both the words and picture that was so extremely hot. The imagery of the words is so deeply intimate, it triggers all the feelings of being a secret voyeur of a very private moment. I was unable to read it without my own breathing slowing to match the words.

Sassy Cat’s image is next.

Woman with mouth gagged and pleading eyes

Sassy Cat posted a wonderful series of images but this one stood out for me. It is absolutely beautifully composed and her eyes are amazing. They have entranced me and I adore the look in them. I keep coming back to this image, trying to read her thoughts in that moment.

Sindoll’s image comes next.
Women bowing head with long eyelashes
On seeing this my immediate reaction was ‘wow’. This image is so rich in both beauty and meaning. For me, it captures an essence of submission and the serenity that it can bring. The colours make me aware of warmth and love, which in turn makes me think of security and belonging. This picture does all of this, and as well as that, have you seen those eyelashes?
The final image belongs to Cammies On The Floor.
shadow of woman in rope suspension
As soon as I saw this image, I knew that it would be in the top 5 and I knew that anything else was going to have a very tricky time beating it to my favourite. This image is so clever and it can take a moment for your brain to make sense of it but once it does -WOW! First there is the awesomeness of the suspension. Then add to that the beautiful sight of her at the left edge. The element that made this image irresistible to me was the shadow. There is such a strong feeling of cheek and mischief in the silhouette. It reminded me of something from Peter Pan and made me certain that there was joy and delight when that picture was taken.My final words are to thank Molly for the opportunity to write this round up and for running Sinful Sunday. I hope everyone keeps making it such a challenge to narrow the choices down to five every week.
You can find Honey on her own blog: Happy Come Lucky and also on Twitter @ht_Honey
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Blast from the Past
Sinful Sunday Week 79 – Curvaceous Dee
Woman bending over picnic tableFor me this image is actually all about the shadows, I just love the way they are decorating Dee’s beautiful bottom and legs making them look like someone has painted some sort of abstract art on her skin.


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