Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 216

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 216

Triptych of burlesque dancer

Don’t forget THIS Sunday is the first Sunday of the month and so it is time to share your Colour Filter images.

It has been a few weeks since I have done a round-up. It has been lovely having so many guests enjoying this space and I am hopeful that it will continue from now on. If you have never written a round-up and would like to, please do get in touch with me.

Top 5 pics of the week

Heart Shaped Lock and Key

man with top button of shirt undone

I find this image very evocative. To me is just screams man, that little triangle of chest framed by his shirt will more often than not, attract my eye and my mind and on Sir I know that if I lean in just far enough and breathe in I will be rewarded with his scent. This image suggests all this and more to me.

Sweet Woman Dirty Mind

Female lovers entwined in front of log fire

This is such a sensual and beautiful image. I love the angle the shot is taken from allowing us to clearly see the two figures entwined in a sensual embrace before the heat of the fire that it is all to easy to image warming their naked skin.

The Other Livvy

Woman in shower with perfect assThe more I look at this image the more it reminds me of some sort of painting. There is something about the creases in the towel and the way the light and shadows emphasis the curve the of her spine that makes it feel like it could be a painting. However it is the towel that makes this image. Yes I now that might sounds insane when you are looking at the beautiful form of Livvy but it is the way the towel perfectly frames and accentuates the curve of her bottom that makes this image so fabulous.

The Shingle Beach

Triptych of burlesque dancer

I have really enjoyed the past few weeks of her posts about the build up to her ‘show girl’ performance and this week we were treated with the final reveal and it was well worth the wait. I absolutely adore everything about this triptych, the colours, the pose, the outfit. They work perfectly together creating a strong narrative. As individual images my favourite is the middle one. I love the flirty jaunty pose and the way it shows off the amazing curve of her waist and how the black panties fit her bottom so damn perfectly.

Charlie in the Pool

Woman laying on bed in black and white surrounded by colour

“I have turned grey when everything around me is in technicolour.” That is the feeling that Charlie was trying to show with this image and I think she did an amazing job. The vibrant colours of the room, particularly all the blues really contrast with the cool grey tones of her skin. When trying to create this effect it can be quite tricky not to end up with part of the image, usually the black and white part, looking like it has been superimposed on the colour but that is most definitely not the case with this powerful image.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 97Whole Sex Life

Orgy of bodies

I know I picked an image from Whole Sex Life last week but I try to look at each week independent of the week before and so here she is again. Why? because wow, what an image, especially when you know it was for a Sinful Sunday competition called Quote me a valentine and she used this quotes “Love is not singular except in syllable.” ~Marvin Taylor. The image could not be any more perfect in my opinion




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One Response

  1. Kat says:

    Brilliant choices Molly! Those images really struck me too when I looked through the submissions. I agree totally with your top five.
    I’m so dumb, I’ve been sticking colour filters on all my shots, but it’s kind of a thing I do anyway so at least I’ll be sticking with the theme for June!
    Just gotta say how much I love this meme! It’s making me get braver with my photos, which is both exciting and scary all at once!
    Kudos to you girl!
    Kat x

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