Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 230

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 230

The prompt this month was Clothes On and as I suspected you are all damn sexy with or without your clothes. There will be a new prompt up very soon so keep your eyes open for that and if you have any suggestions for future prompts please do let me know

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Switch Studies

Woman in pink shirt with breasts showingThere is something about the way the edge of her shirt cuts across her nipple that makes me want to reach into the image and pull it to one side. It is that ‘almost seeing’ effect that the shirt creates which makes this image such a tantalizing feast for the eyes…. and imagination.

Cherry Tart Blog

Woman is sexy lingerie with mans hand on herThere is something so tender and loving about the way his hand is wrapped around her, holding her in his grasp that I love about this shot and the contrast within it are quite simply sexy; the feminine ribbon and the way the bodice hugs her breast against the strength of the male hand just works perfectly.

Kilted Wookie

Man with open shirt and womans hands on his chestWhat about the similar image but the genders are reversed? This time it is the male form that is the main focus of the image. I am a big fan of men’s shoulders and chests and the way his shirt hangs on Kilted Wookie’s frame extenuating the breadth of his upper torso I find seriously hot. The lady who gets the pleasure of this mans body is a lucky lady indeed.

Understanding Flutterby

Black and white of women in corset crouching down

It has been a wonderful thing watching Flip’s photography develop over the last year or so. She has a truly great eye for an image and as her skill with the camera has developed so have the images that she creates and so we are treated to beautiful, sensual, erotic self portraits that are quite frankly breath-taking.

Denying Thumper

Man laying naked on bedThere is something very evocative about this image, the rumpled the sheets, the discarded clothes, the hint of daylight beyond the window and the naked man, it feels like stolen moments, lost days spent relaxing, indulging. This is a photograph that you want to be in, experiencing, and that makes it a very powerful image.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 108Through the Lens

Man on man gay photography

I miss Randon Scott’s images on Sinful Sunday so when I went through week 108 I knew it had to be this one that I featured here. Yes, it is clever editing but it is seamlessly done and the result is a very sexy photograph. It is titled Brokeback mountain and was for a ‘Sexing up the Movies’ Sinful Sunday competition. I think it fit the brief perfectly.


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