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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 340

The prompt for November is out now and you have just over 2 weeks work on your images

This week my guest on the round-up is the fabulous Tabitha Rayne who is back for the second time here on Sinful Sunday. You can find her on her own blog Tabitha Rayne and on Twitter @tabitharayne

Tabitha’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

This week’s photography was so wonderful to look through. I was moved by each one and it took a long time to choose five. There were some reflective posts, some gorgeous posts celebrating friendships and others celebrating a year of blogging.

The point is, Sinful Sunday is where we get to share these things. It is our safe place where we can explore so much about ourselves and each other. I’m so delighted by how many people take part each week. Something always makes me giggle, something always makes me cry and I’m always in awe and inspired by the intensely personal images. I hope I’ve managed to share my joy of these similarities and differences with my choices.

From the first chaste photo I posted over 3 years ago, I can honestly say, I’ve grown by being part of this welcoming community. I 💓 Sinful Sunday

Happy Come Lucky

Nude of woman standing on bed touching ceiling

As soon as I experienced this post I knew it would be in my top five. I say experience, because that’s what it is for me. The image is beautiful and the words are stunning. I’ve read them four or five times and have sobbed every time.
Poignant, poetic, moving.

“But I suspect in years to come we will find ourselves one day bathed in autumn sun; the rain forgotten, the pains and woes suspended for a time, and we will gather bread, and cheese, and wine, and together we will open up a love matured and ripe, and take a bite of happiness.

Some things are best enjoyed out of season.”
*wipes a tear*

Cammies on the Floor

Man holding woman up against a tree by her wrists

Oh my god, the intensity in this photograph is incredible. The backdrop is lush, the composition perfect and the colours bring an eerie quality. The chemistry between the couple consumes the whole scene. I Fucking love this photo. Brilliant.

I have Loved you a Long Time

Woman wearing black lace body

I chose this purely because it is aesthetically gorgeous. I would have this as a piece of art on my wall. The patterns, the lines all have a classic vintage feel to them. So beautiful.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Nude woman laying on top of cables dumped in woodland
Ok, so, this photo is something special indeed. I can close my eyes and I’m there, in that forest. I can hear the intense silence cracked open by bird calls ricochetting through the trees. That hazy vibrating intensity of sunlight striking through the canopy has been stunningly captured here. It is so cinematic and incredible. I could write a novel starting with this scene.

penis with tiny knitted hat on the end

So I just love this post. Who hasn’t put one of those tiny hats on a willing willie? Or at the very least, thought about it! I also like how AM doesn’t just have a giggle taking photos, he also brings awareness to the Innocent campaign to combat loneliness. And bravo to that. My poor gran gets lonely and it breaks my heart that she has no one to hold her close at night. Fab, fun, thoughtful image.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 339

The new prompt for November (seriously where did the year go?) will be up next week. In the meantime don’t forget to jump over to my blog and nominate your favourite sex bloggers of 2017 for the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2017 list!

This weeks round-up is written by Colin Jackson who blogs at Cjdc74…..Ramblings of a crazy beardy man and you can find him on Twitter @cjdc74

Colin Jackson’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked for volunteers to write the round up I jumped at the chance. I’ve been a regular viewer and occasional contributor to Sinful Sunday for a while now. I’ve always been stunned by the imagination that goes into the pictures each week. I find myself struggling for inspiration and even when I do, my photography skills are often sadly lacking. I didn’t quite realise however just how tricky it would be to narrow the choices from 38 down to five! So with great pleasure, here are my five favourite pictures this week.

Rabbit in Chains

Woman with chains over her mouth, image edited with dark sinister black and white

I love the dark undertones behind this image. The hint of danger and the grainy editing combine perfectly to make a really stunning picture.

By Aurora Glory

Woman laying on bed wearing lingerie and glasses reading

This image just appealed to me straight away. I’m an avid reader and it’s no secret I have a real weakness for a woman in glasses.

Fire and Honey

Woman in lingerie lifting it up to reveal her thigh and bottom

I’m a sucker for black & white photography. The subtle lift of the clothing, the hint of invitation and the words struck me right away.

Teachers Have Sex

woman in fishnets standing on edge of bath looking out of high up window

I love the angle of this picture. It has a furtive almost voyeuristic nature to it. Fishnet is also always a winner in my book!

Cara Thereon

Woman knelling with sunlight and shadows painting lines on her back looking down to butt plug tail she is wearing

I love the simplicity of this picture. No words are needed at all. The pink of the collar just pops and the way the shadow just falls beautifully on her skin.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 337

Final reminder that THIS SUNDAY is prompt weekend and it is a very special prompt weekend too as there is a prize up for grabs for one lucky winner!

Now onto this weeks round-up and it is my pleasure to welcome Tara Hutchings to the round-up who is not a contributor but a regular reader and fan of Sinful Sunday and you can find on her Twitter @tjhutchings71

Tara’s Top 5 Picks of the Week

Hi everyone!

I’d like to thank Molly for asking me to do a Sinful Sunday Roundup, even if I DID have to ask her if she sent the invitation to the right person! While I’ve never participated in Sinful Sunday myself, I do love a good photo and these collections never fail to deliver a wide variety to appreciate!

Like most of you who have done this, I found it harder than I thought to narrow my choices down to just five. There’s something to admire about every single one of them, be it the technical (line, angles, colors, shadows), the artistic (the feelings projected by the subject or the emotions evoked in the observer) or a combination of both. In no particular order, here are my favorite five:

Exposing 40

Looking down the curves of a womans naked body

Wow! If you’ll excuse the term, I love the geography of this photo – reminds me of looking at gently rolling hills that go on forever and take your eyes right to the horizon. Admittedly, I do have a thing for black and white photos. Sometimes I think seeing something in color just wouldn’t do it the same justice.

Exhibit A

Triptych of the back view of three different men lined up in bathroom stalls naked

While the subject matter itself is more than pleasant to look at, I think what gets me about this one is the sense of playfulness that comes through. Those guys were definitely having a bit of fun with this, and I’m sure the photographer did too!


Woman laying over mans lap with him spanking her

This is a fabulous action shot – you can almost feel AND hear the impact of his hand making contact with her ass!  With them on the floor, you also get an angle that makes it a little different from a lot of other spanking shots.

The Other Livvy

Woman sitting naked on bed taking selfie in long mirror

Simply put, I love how this is framed by the mirror.  She’s obviously quite at ease taking the photo – very relaxed and natural.

Eugene Noale

Black and white shot of erect penis

Back to the black and white – I just love the shadows in this one, along with the hint of the action suggested by the thumb in the bottom of the shot.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 336

Please do check out the current monthly prompt which is being sponsored by Sheets of San Fransisco who are also offering a very unique prize.

This week it is a delight to welcome back @sub_bee to the round-up who you can find on her own blog A to sub Bee

Bee’s top 5 Pics of the Week

I want to thank Molly for asking me to do my second Sinful Sunday round-up. I have to say, it doesn’t get any easier. There are so many wonderful images to choose from, it feels awful to miss out some of those I also wanted to include.

So in no particular order…


Man's hand on womans stomach looking up to the underside of her boobs

I just loved this image. The angle is absolutely inspired, it brings us right into the image so we feel it’s us there looking up at Monika, it’s our hand that reaches up her body and she’s grasping. Speaking of those grasping hands, it just scream out how intimate this image is, it’s a moment of connection and tenderness captured beautifully.

Accidental Masturbator

penis in a jam jar

I understand how difficult this was to post but it is a truly incredible image. At first I just didn’t see what was clearly in front of me but when the realisation sunk in it gave me a really visceral reaction.The imagery and themes behind the image are both striking and also heartbreaking. A dick in a jar and left unused on a shelf. Yet at the same time a beautiful cock is an object that deserves to be admired.

Helen Scott

looking down womans body past her bright pink hair to her breasts

What drew me to this one was the bright flash of pink of her hair, which then drew me into what she was doing. Whilst we all know she’s sucking his cock, the way her hand covers him makes it almost coy in the way it’s inferred. Then we get drawn down her body to those luscious pink nipples lit beautifully by the sunlight streaming through the window.

Happy Come Lucky

Woman naked sitting with legs to the side relaxed in front of the camera

This really called out to me. I think we all have insecurities about our bodies and our self image but to see her accepting the beauty in this image is nothing but heart warming. I did have to empathise with the struggles of getting into a position in the 10 seconds for the camera timer to go off, it always amazes me that people manage self-photography, it’s a skill I just don’t have! With all of that, her own words sum this up perfectly “It’s soft and natural and it’s me”. A glorious image!

Wriggly Kitty

Looking through string curtain to nude woman

This is absolutely inspired! I think I’d be far too busy playing with this string door and not consider taking any images, I have images of her running through it letting it stream out behind her. But I’m so grateful she did get some images. The way the strings and the shadows fall across her naked body are incredible. It’s looks like the sexiest barcode I’ve ever seen!

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