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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 353

The prompt for February is out now and it is another letter one. Check it out HERE

In the meantime it is my great pleasure to welcome back Exposing 40 to the round-up She first did the round-up back 2015 so it is definitely about time for her to have another ago. If you don’t know her then you need to correct that immediately. You can find her on her blog Exposing 40 and on Twitter @Exposing40

Exposing 40’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I can’t believe it’s almost three years since I did my first round-up. Where does time go to? Anyway, I am delighted that my turn has rolled around again but – as everyone says every week – it wasn’t an easy decision. But here we go, in no particular order.

Kinky and Perky

Man in cream coloured panties

I had never really found men in lingerie hot at all. Even photos of someone who I usually find unequivocally hot no matter what they’re wearing did nothing for me when he was in women’s underwear. But then I attended Tabitha and John Benge’s drawing session at Eroticon last year and suddenly I was all ‘HANG ON A MINUTE’. Not long after that KP posted a super-hot photo of him in a beautiful pair of knickers and a suit. Too hot. Since then I’ve been pretty much ‘give me lots of cock in lovely lingerie please’. So yes, this photo needed to be here!

Annie Savoy

Woman laying on bed with legs up against the wall

Arty farty black and white, legs centre stage, a hotel room… anytime who looks at my photos regularly or knows how anything about my travel heavy lifestyle will know just how much this photo speaks to me! Simple, stylish and effective.

Understanding Flutterby

Looking through womans hair to the rope around her body

I really love Flutterby’s photography and I miss seeing her as regularly on on Sinful Sunday so I was happy to see this one come up. I love the colours of the rope and wax in photo – very gothy. I also love that it’s very slightly out of focus, which somehow makes it work even better with the words. And I love how she seems to be really absorbed in looking at the wax and rope-work. I have only played with wax and rope on a very few occasions but the times I have I have found myself getting more absorbed in how these things look rather than how they feel and so the concentration on Flutterby’s face resonated.

Cammies on the Floor

Composite image of headless figures
This is so creepy and so completely different to anything I would ever usually create myself but there is something about it I just love and I kept coming back to it. Although personally I instinctively take quite simple and uncluttered images, as a viewer I do find photo collages really intriguing and clever and they have so much potential for storytelling. The story here that presses my buttons is the anonymous woman and a group of anonymous men. So even though it’s creepy and hints at danger and violence it’s also a super hot scenario. I also love the idea behind the new meme that inspired this shot, which is about reinterpreting old art. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on that one.


womans back in fishnet body stocking
Well, I say my top 5 were in no particular order; they weren’t up until this point but this set of photos were absolutely my favourite this week. So simple but so beautiful. It’s not written in the commentary with this photo, but I have seen Mistress34F say on Twitter or elsewhere on her the blog that she just wants to show what a normal 39-year-old body looks like. She is doing it so well. I have enjoyed her photos on Twitter for a long time but her blog is reasonably new. I am so glad there’s a home for them now where we can revisit them with ease. I loved the whole set but my favourite was the one of her back. She just seems to melting into black velvet and the definition of her spine and curve of her hips and waist are wonderful.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 352

I know I always say this but that is because it is always true. The prompt weekend always seems to bring out the best in people. That is not to say that you don’t all produce amazing pictures at other time but that the prompts often inspire you to try new or different things and the results of that are always exciting. I really did struggle to pick 5 this week but as per usual I got there in the end.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week


Reflection of topless woman holding toothbrush in small circular mirror

When I first saw this picture I didn’t think she was holding a toothbrush. Submiss was surprised by that but looking back through the comments it seems that I am far from alone in my vibrator thoughts. Either way it is a very clever picture with excellent use of lighting that draws our eye into the part of the image she wants us to focus on.

Happy Come Lucky

Looking up womans naked body as she put in her moon cup

I am a huge fan of period positive content. Woman are so often given the message that their period is something to be hidden and secretive about, shameful even and that is such a harmful negative message. Anything that helps to challenge that narrative is to be applauded and this beautiful image is definitely one of those things. I think this is a stance that most woman will very familiar with and taken from this angle it shows a strength and power to the moment. I love how the light is catching the definition of Honey’s calf and then running along the edge of her thigh to her bottom showing the smooth lines of her frame and yet because of the dark shadow this shot is both graphic and yet actually very modest at the same time. Just brilliant.

Little Switch Bitch

Back view of woman wearing panties and t-shirt while she brushes her teeth

It seems that bathrooms were popular this week as here we are again but this time in LSB’s bathroom and we are being afforded a little peek over her shoulder as she brushes her teeth and I don’t really know why but I find this image incredibly fucking sexy. Maybe it is the candid every day nature of it but holy damm the way her knickers are slightly caught in her bottom and how her t-shirt puckers around her waist but there is just something about the casualness of it that I find insanely hot.

Temperature’s Rising

Looking up womans naked body as she blow dries hair

Like the one before there is something about the casualness of this image that just captivates and like Honey’s image I find the perspective of this shot really powerful. It is a view point we only ever see of another person if we happen to be laying at their feet….. and that is a sexy thought don’t you think.

Tits and Test Tubes

Looking up womans skirt at her panties

And here we are again looking up and what we see is so incredibly fucking sexy that it made actually gave me a massive case of girl lust and I can’t believe you need to me to explain why.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 351

Happy New Year to you all! Don’t forget this Sunday will be prompt weekend but for now let’s look back to the last Sinful Sunday of 2017

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Kinky and Perky

Man with chains around his wrists and the word owned written across his knuckles

This image is dark and gritty and incredibly sexy. There is something about the contrast between the male hands and the implied but unseen captor that is incredibly raw and hot. It makes my mind wander to sinister thoughts of shackles and enslavement and grubby dungeons and a demanding master or, in this case I think, mistress. It is definitely a shot that fires the imagination.

Little Switch Bitch

Topless woman in sexy stocking with christmas tree in the background

I do love all the Christmas themed images. It is one of my favourite things about this time of year and this one particularly caught me eye with her beautiful breast and those glorious stockings all set against the backdrop of the twinkly Christmas tree. It just captures festive sexiness perfectly.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Ghostly image of nude woman in glass shower door

You have to take a moment with this one because at first glance it looks like an empty shower but then after a moment you realise that there is in fact a ghostly naked figure in the shower. It is a clever shot that made me chuckle.

A Dissolute Life

Woman in knee high socks pulling down her top to show her tits with balck cat sitting watching her

I am fairly sure Faisal is looking at Hy and thinking, how on earth am I meant to sit on your lap when you are being weird like this, or possibly, can you please hurry up so you can feed me. Either way it is a truly fabulous fabulous picture, Hy, as always, looks deliciously sexy but what I really love about it is the shadow cat lurking on her thigh.

The Other Livvy

Nude woman with mans arm across her shoulder as he take self portrait of them in the mirror

That strong arm across her chest, the way the light is falling across her beautiful body, her hand disappearing into the darkness between them, the frame of the mirror, all blend together perfectly to make this is an incredibly beautiful and very erotic image.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 350

Don’t forget there is one more week until prompt weekend!

I love all the Christmas themed images this week and I could have happily picked them all but in the end there can be only 5

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Modesty Ablaze

Nude woman in front of outdoor Christmas tree

Modesty’s pictures are always full of fun and joy and this one is no exception. There is just no way you can look at this image and not smile and that to me makes it a perfect Christmas image.

Cara Thereon

Woman with bauble between her thighs and mans face on a screen in front of her

This is such a simple but clever shot. I love the soft downy hairs on her thighs and that you can just make out the reflection of Cara taking the shot in the bauble between her legs but it is the smiling face on the screen beyond that is a brilliant finishing touch.

Sex Matters

Nude man wrapped up in christmas lights in black and white

There quite a few wrapped up in lights images this week but this one was my favourite. The black and white edit works surprisngly well giving him an angelic glow and the lights pick up the detail of the hair of his legs and face and deep in the shadows you can just make out the shape of his cock. A truly beautiful shot.

Watching Distant

Woman in lingerie over santas knee who is spanking her

I wrote a piece of short fiction a few weeks back about a girl who liked to imagine a naughty Santa visiting her on Christmas Eve. This picture would have been perfect along side that story. There is a whole series of images in this post but it is this one with his menacing shadow hand on the wall that is my favourite.

Steamy Bedtime

Woman in front of Christmas tree with rope tied around her shoulders

I think this shot is stunning. I love how it captures the tension in her arms and shoulders and the light picks out the detail in rope. It is lovely to see these guys back on Sinful Sunday and I think this might be my current favourite shot by them.

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