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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 366

Have you spun the wheel to find out what your prompt for May is yet? If not then head over to the post and get spinning.

This week I am delighted to welcome back The Other Livvy to the round-up. I am sure most of you will know her as she is a regular and enthusiastic participant on Sinful Sunday but if not then you really should check out her blog The Other Livvy and you can also find her on Twitter @theotherlivvy

Livvy’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I have been privileged enough to have been asked to do a round up before, and I loved it so much last time that I jumped at the chance to do it again when Molly asked me. But, as often seems to be the case, I had forgotten how difficult those decisions were. Oh my gosh, you are such a talented group!! I went back to my favourite technique of creating Yes, No and Maybe lists, except that this time I also needed a Maybe Yes or Maybe No lists…and finished up 19 on my Yes, Maybe Yes and Maybe lists! It’s been a tough decision!!

But I have limited this to just 5, and I’m sorry to those I’ve not included. I’ve ended up almost picking images on a theme this time. Simple, beautiful figures; great lighting and angles; and a couple of stunning arses!

Jerusalem Mortimer

Nude woman with tassles of the flogger as her pubes

This is such a brilliant idea for a photo, and is so well executed! Zoe’s figure is amazing and I loved how the use of this simple prop could be so teasing. It’s really good!

Cleareyed Girl

woman wearing fishnet tights

I loved the contrast within this image. The dark, long sleeved top hiding Eye’s upper body only emphasises the beautiful pattern of the body stocking covering her lower half, and I love the shapes that this creates.  Eye has such a beautiful figure, and these patterns and colours draw the eye to exactly the right places. It’s wonderful!

Tits and Testtubes

Looking up womans leg to her bottom with blue sky above her

I loved how this image is so sunny and free! Jadis has a gorgeous arse and this is such a beautiful, summery image. She says that she took a lot of photos on this particular day as she danced naked in the sunshine, and I hope she shares some more!

Pain as Pleasure

nade woman with curvy bottom being held my nude man

Talking of gorgeous arses, just look at this beautiful bottom! I loved the colouring of this image – it’s just so peachy! But, even more, I loved the contrast between the soft curves, almost pastel colours, the gentle way that she is being held, and the dungeon equipment visible in the background. Biblious One’s words about the pain and flogging that surrounded this photo emphasised this contrast. It’s fantastic!


Looking down on naked woman sitting on the floor

Missy took inspiration for this photo from an image shared on Twitter (something I often also do) but I definitely prefer her version. She just looks beautiful. The slightly twisted lines down her spine and peak of nipple over her shoulder are just incredible, and I love this view from above. She is somehow both powerful and submissive in this position, and I think that capturing that is just about as perfect!

Sinful Sunday Round-up Week 365

The prompt for May is out now and I am super excited about this one as it is has spinning wheels!

This week I am delighted to welcome John Brownstone as my guest on the round-up. Most of you will know him as Kayla Lords partner but in case you have missed it he also has his own blog Southern Sir’s Place and you can find him on Twitter @SouthernSirsPl

John Brownstone’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked me to do the Sinful Sunday Roundup I didn’t hesitate with a resounding Yes! Being a follower of SS and even an occasional participant myself being able to pick my favorite photos is an exciting opportunity. What made it difficult were all the wonderful submissions and then to choose just 5 from them all.

Victoria Blisse

Woman wearing collar with a leach being pulled looking at the person holding the leash

I just love this photo, the collar the taut leash really reaches out to me but what really makes the photo is the look on her face. The playful smile and the look in her eyes. That look speaks volumes of a playful mischievousness just waiting for the right moment.

When I’m On My Own

Blue Rope body harness over womans breasts

This is an amazing photo with a wonderful edit. As one who appreciates rope work this caught my eye. With the edit that is used at first glance it almost seems as if the rope is floating in the air. In looking closer you can see how she is almost like a ghost with the color of the rope standing out.

Shelia Elayne

Picture of womans bottom with a cracked wall edit overlay

The second I saw this photo it struck me. Not only is it a gorgeous photo of her bum but the edit that she used on the photo puts it over the top. It gave me a feeling of looking at a fresco in the Sistine Chapel but much sexier.


Woman standing topeless at window watching trains go past

I found this image to be both sublime, thoughtful, and beautiful. As she is standing there holding the cup in her hands it gave me the feeling of waiting to partake on a journey. The black frames on each side makes me feel like she is stepping out of the darkness ready to travel to something new.

Brigit Writes

Woman weaing lace lingerie one piece that covers just her breasts and panty area

There is power in this image, the power of being beautiful. Beauty is many things not just one. THe stance she takes in this photo show power in that she is owning her beauty and rocking it in the outfit chosen.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 364

So the prompt this month was to celebrate the fun, silly happy side of life as it was also April’s 1st and I loved the huge variety of posts that really captured the fun and joy of sex and bodies. There will be a new prompt out very soon so keep an eye out for that and in the meantime here are top pics this week.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

The Misadventures of Bear and Cub

Gingerbread man decorated in bra panties and fishnet stockings

My biscuit making skills are pretty good but my decorating ones are definitely lacking compared to this amazing creation. The fine detail of this icing is awesome with the fishnets stocking and the suspender belt. It made me giggle and want kinky decorated biscuits.

Modesty Ablaze

bottle of wine on table with two glasses with red bikini bottoms hanging over the top looking out over the ocean

This is just such a good picture. I love how the bikini and the wine match up colour wise but the whole thing just screams happy fun summer holidays. It could totally be a cover on a summer romance novel.

The Other Livvy

man going down on woman with cat sitting on the bed next to them watching

As someone who is graced with a feline resident who has on more than one occasion sat on the bed next to us while we are fucking looking either vaguely disapproving or down right bored this image made me laugh out loud. The look on Edward’s face is absolutely priceless and so typically cat!

Aurora Glory

Mans bum with sunglasses and lipstick mouth with straw going into his bottom and attched to a can of drink

This is an absolutely brilliant and hilarious image. Genius idea on Auroras part and excellently executed also kudos to the bum model for being such a great sport.


Woman with bunnies painted on her breasts, her nipples being their little noses

I adore these cute little bunnies with their upright ears and adorably perky little noses. Not only does this one fit the prompt perfectly but it also managed to combine it with it also being Easter.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 363

Final reminder that it is prompt weekend this Sunday!

This week it is my pleasure to welcome back Kat to the weekly round-up spot. You can find her on her own blog Illicit Thoughts and on Twitter @Kats_my_name_

Kats Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked me to select my top 5 Sinful Sundays, she really couldn’t have picked a better time. I took a break from blogging last year, I didn’t chat much on twitter and to cap it all I didn’t make it to Eroticon. I was feeling more than a bit sorry for myself and left out as I read everyone’s tweets from Camden, so Molly asking me to participate really helped me feel I was still part of this wonderful kinky blogging community!

Having said that, it has been incredibly difficult to whittle it down to just 5 out of a stonking 52 submissions! I struggled a lot making my decisions – constantly flicking back between blogs and changing my mind. In the end I simply went with the photographs and stories that resonated with me, the ones I couldn’t stop looking at and that made me feel a connection to the person behind the blog.

Hope you like my selection.

Understanding Flutterby

Woman showing her post hysterectomy surgery tummy

I knew the very second I saw this photograph that it was my absolute number one choice. Words cannot express my admiration for this woman; for her strength, her courage and her kickass attitude. I think she looks amazing in this picture; look how beautifully soft her body looks, the gorgeous curve of her waist, contrasting with the clinical backdrop! The complex combination of vulnerability and resilience in this image is so very affecting. I was delighted that she received such positive and affirming feedback, (bar one absolute dickhead, but there’s always one). I hope that sharing this with us and reading the comments helped her in some way realise that she is still very much a woman, still feminine, still of value, still beautiful, and still sexy. I hope she knows she is so much more than her illness and her post-op body. Flutterby babe, you ROCK!

And finally, checkout her simple beautiful slideshow at the bottom of her blog – this woman is stunning.

Steamy Bedtime

looking down on woman over mans knee getting spanked

Well, where do I begin? The action of his arm as he spanks her gorgeous ass is so exciting and makes us feel a part of the scene. The way she is kicking her feet is simply lovely, we really get a sense of what she’s feeling. Judy and Steve have captured the dynamism of this scene so effectively. But the most arresting thing about this picture for me is the way they are holding hands – it shows that what they are doing is coming from a loving and intimate place. It shows their connection. Oh!

And the gifs they included at the end… wowza!

Little Switch Bitch

Woman wearing a thong and with a hand print spanked into her bum

Having a proclivity to favour B&W/bluish tones in my own photographs, I love, love, love the cool tones in this shot. I think this picture portrays a sense of tranquil serenity, which is what I hope LSB was feeling after such a good spanking. In addition, I am not sure I have ever seen such a perfectly peachy bottom as this before – I don’t know whether to be envious or to just grab it – ok I’ll do both! The tiny thong accentuates her shape perfectly.

But… the marks! That handprint is so clear, so vivid. It looks as if she’s been branded, which I suppose, is what all good spank marks are – a temporary symbol of the power exchange. I can imagine how hard her man had to have spanked her to leave such an impressive impression; surely his hand must’ve stung afterwards too!

I simply just couldn’t take my eyes away from this photo.

Submiss 34f

woman in fishnets body stockings

Given that I almost always prefer black and white or blue toned edits, I think the fact I picked this shot shows how much it spoke to me. Missy demonstrates a masterful artistry with light and shade in this picture. Her skin glows golden out through the slashes of the black dress. She seems to somehow materialize out of the darkness.

I Iove how her pierced nipple pops out through the dress and the way the shadow underneath her breast highlights how it curves into her body. Having seen her black and white edit on twitter, I still much prefer the decadence of the rich colour version. Missy, this is one sexy image!

A to sub  Bee

Woman legs and feet in fishnet stockings

I often play a game on Sundays where I look at the thumbnail, not the title or name, and try to see if I can guess who I am looking at. I am alarmingly accurate – I think I could recognise many of you lot by boobs, bums and genitals more easily than by your faces by now! I saw this thumbnail and said to myself, “definitely Bee”.

I love how beautifully pale her skin looks against the black fishnets and the steely grey of the carpet. The little curl of her foot was what made this photo for me… it is shy, coy, playful and sexy all at the same time. Is she teasing us or waiting anxiously for whatever is coming next?

As is said, I was incredibly torn making these choices, and I will give a shout out to some other people on SOSS. What a creative and talented bunch you lot are!
K x

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