Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 291

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 291

Woman crawling towards the camera with panties in her mouth

I hope that people like the new image thumbnails on the weekly page. I am always interested to hear any feedback so if folks have any thoughts on the change do let me know.

This week it is my turn to do the round-up so lets get straight into the task.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

The prompt this week was ‘no words’, you were allowed to give your post a title but the idea was to post an image that stood alone with no words offered by the author. With this in mind I have picked 5 images that I think, for whatever reason, stand alone brilliantly.

The Other Livvy

Man and woman naked on tandum bike

What words could possible have gone with this truly fabulous picture that could have improved it? I can’t think of any. It is playful, fun and also intriguing because you can’t help but think, why, where and how. Just magic.

Steeled Snake

Woman leaning over man who is blimdfolded pressing pinwheel into his face

This one is called Prey and I think it captures that sentiment perfectly. I love the way his mouth is open as if he drawing in a breath in anticipation of what is to come, or possible letting out a sigh? Also how we can clearly see her big smile at having Snake exactly where she wants him. The power dynamic in this image is intoxicating.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman crawling towards the camera with panties in her mouth

I love how she has taken the concept of no words literally with the gag in her mouth. Are they knickers? I hope so because damn that is sexy. The light in this image glorious, it implies something carefree and floaty which actually contrasts to what is going in the shot. Very clever.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

2016 sign with someone giving the finger

I am pretty sure we can all identify with the sentiment of this image, even more so in the light of events in the USA. No words are needed here, actions say everything perfectly.

Just a Random Scot

Nude portrait of man with shadow lines from a blind on his skin and holding his cock

I was delighted to see this guy back on Sinful Sunday recently. His images have always captivated me and I am sure you can appreciate why when you look at this shot. It is beautiful crafted and incredibly fucking hot and even if there were words I think I would be far to lost in exploring this image with my eye to possible read them.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 168 – A to sub Bee

Woman with strwberries and cream on top of her shaved pubic mound

This one makes me lick my lips in anticipation of such a delicious treat. The strawberries, the cream, the smooth flesh… what a glorious combination.



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  1. Excellent idea to use the inLinz format, Molly. I often wondered who no one doing memes in the adult field was using that. I hope everyone else liked it. Looks like no one had any problems posting their sinful stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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