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It's all about the image

Diptych of woman kneeling wearing knee high striped socks with two vulvas at the top where her legs meet

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 377

Here we are again lovely people, you, me and a sea of monthly prompt images to pick from. This time the theme was Diptych. I don’t know why but I think making a good Diptych is harder than a Triptych. I think we are naturally dawn to thirds in images which is why a triptych…
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Sinful Sunday Picture of Molly holding a camera

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt July 2018

The prompt for 1st July 2018 is: Diptych So this is a bit like a Triptych but instead of three images combined to make one piece this is two images combined to make one piece. Just like with a Triptych though the two image should be in some way related or one image that you…
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