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Double exposure of man and woman both sitting in the same chair masturbating

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 412

Prompt weekend is my favourite and I get to do the round-up. I have long ago given up worrying that the prompt will be too tricky or put people off because everyone has proven themselves over and over again to be so creative and clever. Now I just get excited to see what everyone does,…
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Sinful Sunday Week 412

Welcome to week 412 And it is prompt weekend The prompt for 3rd March 2019 is: Double Exposure If you want hints and tips on how to achieve that then check out this post which covers editing tricks and gives examples of double exposure images Sinful Sunday is all about the image. If you are…
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Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt March 2019

The prompt for 3rd March 2019 is: Double Exposure And no I don’t mean taking your pants off twice…. sorry couldn’t resist the daft joke. Back in the day of film cameras you achieved a double exposure by doing exactly that, exposing the film twice to capture two different shots one on top of the…
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