Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 412

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 412

Double exposure of man and woman both sitting in the same chair masturbating

Prompt weekend is my favourite and I get to do the round-up. I have long ago given up worrying that the prompt will be too tricky or put people off because everyone has proven themselves over and over again to be so creative and clever. Now I just get excited to see what everyone does, and I knew this theme of double exposure was going to result in many fabulous images, and I was right. I also found it interesting how many of the posts this week really seemed to capture some raw emotions, both of the authors and of mine. Was it the theme or are people just full of feels at the moment? I don’t have an answer to that but either way it made for an amazing week on Sinful Sunday.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week


Nude of woman in the mirror with double exposure of her 18 year old self

I spent a long time looking at this image before I read the words. In fact I did that with everyone’s post. Look at the image first and then read any words they have written. I found myself trying to pick apart the different pieces, it had an odd innocence to it that I couldn’t quite put my finger one. Then I read the words and they made me cry. The combination of herself now layered over her 18 year old self makes for a powerful image that alongside her words gave me some very strong feels about how I feel about my 18 year old self which might, if I can do it without falling apart, get me to write my own post on this subject at some point.

On Queer Street

Double exposure of woman holding her tummy with the top of her dark pubes showing

There is something about the way her hands are pinching into her the flesh on her tummy and also kind of cradling it that feels so sensual and her beautiful dark bush just visible between her legs is decidedly sexy. Again like the post above the words that go with this image about bodies and loving yourself are very powerful and made me think about how loving your body is actually a really radical act in this day and age.

Exposing 40

Double exposure of man and woman both sitting in the same chair masturbating

There are so many tiny details hiding in plain sight in this image. Where he stops, she starts and vice versa. I really did get lost in it picking out the different layers and the more I looked at it and more it felt like a kind dream sequence, you know the kind where everything seems to flow seamlessly into the next moment.

Floss Does Life

Like all these double exposure images there is just so much going on in this shot that I found myself getting lost in it as I discover all the different parts but the bit that keeps drawing my eye back to it is where her hand appears to be guiding her other hand between her legs as if her clothed ‘everyday’ self is encouraging her sensual sexy self to be what she wants to be.

Annie Savoy

Naked ghostly womans disappearing out the window

I am so glad Annie explained in her post how she created this image otherwise I would have been messaging her for the answer because oh boy is this absolutely phenomenal. I love how she looks to be stepping out through the window as if she is a spirit version of herself being unleashed. It’s just absolutely amazing.


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2 Responses

  1. Lexy says:

    Yes – I thought that the selection of really beautiful, powerful, high quality, and emotionally rich photos last week was amazing. Double exposure was an awesome prompt.

  2. Annie savoy says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful words Molly. I’m proud to be in such stellar company this week. Also, I love a tricky photo prompt. Anything that makes me work a little harder to get an image I wouldn’t have otherwise makes me happy 🙂

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