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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up

February is galloping along and the first weekend in March is only just over two weeks away so make sure you check out the prompt!

But before we get there it is round up time again and this week it is lovely to welcome Wriggly Kitty to this space. You can find her on her own blog Wriggly Kitty and on Twitter @wriggly_kitty

Wriggly Kitty’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I love the diversity of words and images in Sinful Sunday and really struggled in my selection. I mean, how on earth was I supposed to choose just five from 47 entries (excluding mine)? Eventually, I did manage to whittle it down, and in order of them being submitted:

Fire and Honey

female nude in bacl and white of large curvy lady

I love the interplay of light and curves. And the angle and focus of the shot means my eye is taken first to Violet’s nipple before being pulled down her body, in total delicious anticipation and invitation.

A to sub Bee

Close up shot of womans nipple through fishnets

Everything about this post from sub-Bee works for me, from the resonance between her defiant words and her peeking nipple, the interplay between image and website background. But more than that, the lines of her clothing are open yet restrictive, stretching in and out of focus, almost a reflection of the state of the internet for sex bloggers right now.

Midnight at the Oasis

looking up at womans bum with a star burst of light edited in above her

This image just screams of fun and there’s no way I could have ignored it! Despite being static, there’s so much movement in the photo and it’s a very sexy bottom!

Books 1799

mans in blue shirt with light shining through on his penis

There’s such a casual air about this image, and it’s glorious. I love the blue tones, and the geometry of leg versus shirt leading my eye around the image in stages, until it finally rests on the centrepiece.

A Dissolute Life Means

Woman nude kneeling

Simplicity everywhere: the words, the pose, the muted colours. There’s a vulnerability about the image, too. Soft skin and soft light. But there’s an edge of defiance in the words “acceptance is freedom” that also comes across visually.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 355

Don’t forget this coming Sunday it is PROMPT WEEKEND

This week the round-up is in the hands of Eve Ray. You can find her on her own blog Eve’s Temptations and on Twitter @EveRay1

Eve Ray’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I really ought to start with a confession. I rarely get to see all the Sinful Sunday posts as, one way and another Sundays are busy days for me. This week, after Molly invited me to do the roundup I have had to look at all of them and it made for a very enjoyable couple of hours. Although I have taken part myself on a couple of occasions, I am essentially an admiring spectator. I am not much good with a camera and tend to feel I lack a visual imagination. And imagination is what makes a good picture, the ability to see angles that are not obvious, and to create a picture that says, directly, very little but hints at an awful lot. As my poetry tutor used to say, “less is more.”

This week there were 37 fabulous pictures. It was really difficult to pick just 5 of them. The five all have one thing in common. They set my imagination racing. They are, in no particular order.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman in her bra shaving her legs

I totally identify with women who shave and wax their legs, who enjoy the sensuality of smooth hairless skin. And whilst this is an exploration of a sensuality that is not directly sexual, I feel that sex is not far from her mind. Who else will get to feel that smooth, fragrant skin?

Jerusalem Mortimer

Woman kneeling on chair with her bottom exposed

This is a still life that hints at things that might be about to happen. We don’t know what they are. More to the point, neither does she and so my imagination is drawn in to the heart of the mindfuck that she is experiencing.

Fire and Honey

Woman with painted red nails holding key

This is a really arresting image (no pun intended!) which is, at first glance slight, but which had my imagination racing wildly. The polished nails give the image sensuality. The key makes it damned erotic. I wonder what is locked or will be locked? And yes, it aroused submissive thoughts in me…..

Confess Hannah

Nude woman with tartan blanket through her legs

A “must pick” in the week of Burns Night I guess but a picture that has resonances for me, being of a generation that remembers wholesome family picnics on tartan rugs that were kept in the boot of the car. Whatever Hannah has planned for thos tartan it probably won’t be wholesome……..


Woman in hold up stockings with man

I love the contrast here of the hairy male arms and the smoothness of the female body, the contrast in skin tone. I can almost feel those strong arms enveloping me. And in this moment of stillness my eye is drawn me to the hand cupped over her lady garden. And I begin to imagine……

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 354

Welcome to the weekly roundup. Don’t forget to check out this months prompt which is only just over a week away.

This week the round-up is in the fabulous naughty hands of Modesty Ablaze who you can find on her own blog Modesty Ablaze and on Twitter @ablazingmodesty

Modesty Ablaze’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Sinful Sunday has become a weekly thrill for me . . . as I’m sure it has for many people. In an age where mainstream society seems to have an obsession about appearance and conformity, I’ve always loved the creative and fun ways each week’s contributors post photos and images that challenge the norm . . . and champion the real.

Images that make me Smile, make me Tingle, make me Stare, make me Wonder and make me Gasp.

And SS never fails to arouse all of those reactions, so choosing just five from last week’s collection has been incredibly difficult, but thrillingly fun all over again . . .

Happy Come Lucky

Do not disturb sign adverting breakfast in the hotel wrapped around penis

This wonderful, fun, image had me giggling and gasping the instant it “popped-up” on my screen. It is simply the most fun hotel door “knob” hanger I’ve ever seen . . . and I want one just like it. Complete with the appendage of course . . . because what an enticing breakfast mouthful it makes. A five-star trip-adviser review from me!!!

Candy Snatch

Woman in thong kneeling on bed showing her bottom

A position we are all familiar with I’m sure, though perhaps for differing reasons and differing circumstances. But Candy’s teasing words leave no doubt as to the impending circumstance in this case. And her lovely bottom seems just about to push out of the screen, pleading for that “attention” she so obviously desires. A wonderfully tingling image!!!

If Sex MattersWoman laying in sunshine naked on the grass with vintage paled out tones


I’ve loved all of May’s photos from the Moors and this is another stunning image . . . the title of which seems so appropriate. It just draws me in each time I go back to it, leaving me staring at the soft curves and shapes of her lovely body . . . and the soft focus of the foreground seems to amplify the detail of the moss and grass. The tilt of the discarded hat and the muted tone of the colour, adds to the feel that we are viewing one of those photographic plates from Victorian times. A passionate trance indeed!!!

Teachers Have Sex

Woman laying on the floor in tutu with high heel point shoes on

For me the beauty of a picture often lies in it’s power to evoke a completely different response, or sense of wonder, from every person who views it. To imagine the prelude to it’s composition, and how the moment it captures, unfolds. Building a story in one’s mind that is probably quite different to the actual event in which it was taken. And Jo’s beautiful tutu and shoes certainly set my mind racing!!!

Cleareyed Girl

Wilted tulips in bathtub with a womans foot just peeking into the bottom of the image

And so to . . . gasp !!! I was sure it was a painting, as those petals and stems scrolled down the screen. A wonderful, stunningly beautiful, painting . . . even as those toes teased into view. Even more as those toes teased into view. A still-life painting hung on a wall before me. Beautiful on white enamel, beautiful on the flesh. Gasp again . . . and again. Simply stunning!!!

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 352

I know I always say this but that is because it is always true. The prompt weekend always seems to bring out the best in people. That is not to say that you don’t all produce amazing pictures at other time but that the prompts often inspire you to try new or different things and the results of that are always exciting. I really did struggle to pick 5 this week but as per usual I got there in the end.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week


Reflection of topless woman holding toothbrush in small circular mirror

When I first saw this picture I didn’t think she was holding a toothbrush. Submiss was surprised by that but looking back through the comments it seems that I am far from alone in my vibrator thoughts. Either way it is a very clever picture with excellent use of lighting that draws our eye into the part of the image she wants us to focus on.

Happy Come Lucky

Looking up womans naked body as she put in her moon cup

I am a huge fan of period positive content. Woman are so often given the message that their period is something to be hidden and secretive about, shameful even and that is such a harmful negative message. Anything that helps to challenge that narrative is to be applauded and this beautiful image is definitely one of those things. I think this is a stance that most woman will very familiar with and taken from this angle it shows a strength and power to the moment. I love how the light is catching the definition of Honey’s calf and then running along the edge of her thigh to her bottom showing the smooth lines of her frame and yet because of the dark shadow this shot is both graphic and yet actually very modest at the same time. Just brilliant.

Little Switch Bitch

Back view of woman wearing panties and t-shirt while she brushes her teeth

It seems that bathrooms were popular this week as here we are again but this time in LSB’s bathroom and we are being afforded a little peek over her shoulder as she brushes her teeth and I don’t really know why but I find this image incredibly fucking sexy. Maybe it is the candid every day nature of it but holy damm the way her knickers are slightly caught in her bottom and how her t-shirt puckers around her waist but there is just something about the casualness of it that I find insanely hot.

Temperature’s Rising

Looking up womans naked body as she blow dries hair

Like the one before there is something about the casualness of this image that just captivates and like Honey’s image I find the perspective of this shot really powerful. It is a view point we only ever see of another person if we happen to be laying at their feet….. and that is a sexy thought don’t you think.

Tits and Test Tubes

Looking up womans skirt at her panties

And here we are again looking up and what we see is so incredibly fucking sexy that it made actually gave me a massive case of girl lust and I can’t believe you need to me to explain why.

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