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It's all about the image

Banner image for Ersties Podcast

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt October 2018

Sorry for the slight delay in getting the prompt out to you this month but I have been working hard with this months sponsors on what our topic will be this time round but before we get onto what that is let’s meet these fabulous sponsors. Do you like a good podcast? Do you like…
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macro shot of pubes that look electric

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 386

So the prompt this month was macro photography and my big takeaway from this prompt is that I had forgotten just how damn hard it is take a macro self portrait. The depth of field you have to work with is so small that the slightest movement throws your whole image out of focus. In…
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Sinful Sunday Picture of Molly holding a camera

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt September 2018

The prompt for 2nd September 2018 is: Macro Time to revisit a prompt from the past again. We first did Macro images back in 2014 and looking at who joined in back then, well not many of those bloggers are still around so I think it is a perfect time to do this one again.…
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Man ataching camera lens to his body where his penis should be

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 382

It was prompt weekend and this time round the task was to include the camera in the shot. As per usual everyone pulled out their best creative work and the result was a series of amazing images but after much umming and ahhhinng this is my top 5 Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week…
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Monthly prompt header image

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt August 2018

The prompt for 5th August 2018 is: Include a camera in the shot. It is as simple and as complicated as that. A camera must be in your image and yes a camera phone does count! There are a number of ways of going about this. There is the obvious one which is to have…
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Diptych of woman kneeling wearing knee high striped socks with two vulvas at the top where her legs meet

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 377

Here we are again lovely people, you, me and a sea of monthly prompt images to pick from. This time the theme was Diptych. I don’t know why but I think making a good Diptych is harder than a Triptych. I think we are naturally dawn to thirds in images which is why a triptych…
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Sinful Sunday Picture of Molly holding a camera

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt July 2018

The prompt for 1st July 2018 is: Diptych So this is a bit like a Triptych but instead of three images combined to make one piece this is two images combined to make one piece. Just like with a Triptych though the two image should be in some way related or one image that you…
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