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It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Picture of Molly holding a camera

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt April 2020

The prompt for 5th April 2020 is: Food and Drink This is a simple one, include food and/or drink in your image. Some inspiration below just in case you need it Eat me by Knkstriped Martini by A to sub Bee Chocolate Tits by Exposing 40 Coffee by Molly’s Daily Kiss The prompt is published…
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Nude woman encased in mans arms

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 464

Whoooo hoooo for yet another fabulous prompt week. This time the challenge was to fill the frame and oh my what a filling it was! I wrote that line of Thursday morning but then things started going a bit screwy in the house of Molly with regards to websites. So I set it aside hoping…
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Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt March 2020

The prompt for 1st March 2020 is: Fill the Frame This month we are going to try out a composition technique that encourages you to get up close to your subject and fill the whole frame of the image. In other words there should be no space around your subject matter as it should effectively…
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Nude woman in cloke on windswept moors

Sinful Sunday Round-up 460

It was prompt week and this month the task was to come up with an image that conveyed your chosen word. The variety of different words picked was really quite something, from Attitude to Shattered, and all sorts in-between. As it is prompt week that means it is my turn to pick the top 5…
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Monthly prompt header image

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt February 2020

The prompt for 2nd February 2020 is: One Word So this was a prompt back in July 2013 and it was for a Sinful Sunday competition. It worked really well back then so I thought it would be a good one to revisit so here goes…. One Word ~ Convey the meaning of your chosen…
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The edge of woman's nude body emerging from the shadows

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 456

WE FINALLY DID IT! I have always wanted to get 50 links on one week. We have got very close a time or two but this past week we finally smashed through that number and got 55 links in. So many that you even have to scroll through to the last few because there are…
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Sinful Sunday header image

Sinful Sunday Week 456

Welcome to week 456 Sinful Sunday is all about the image and this week is prompt week The prompt for 5th January 2020 is: Shadows Seeing as it is, for those us in the northern hemisphere, the middle of winter I thought a prompt that lent itself to low lighting or lighting contrasts might work…
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