Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up 46

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up 46

Time for another weekly round-up and this week I found picking my top 3 really very difficult. It seems that week after week not only is the amount of people joining in increasing but the overall amazing standard of the pictures that are linked in is getting better and better. I got there in the end though, with a little bit of help from twitter, more about that in a minute.

Vincent and Mia

Sexy girl in Manchester United Rooney top

This is one of 3 pictures that Vincent and Mia posted this week. I love the whole series but this one is my favourite. I think it is the hint of the naughty smile on her lips that really makes this picture for me or maybe it is the placement of the ball that leaves it all to my imagination, which is a very powerful thing. If you didn’t see them on Sunday  I highly recommend you click on the image above and go and see the other 2 pictures that go with this one.

Rebel’s Notes

woman in feotal position on the floor

How could I not pick this picture? It is one of those images that is not staged or planned but captures a specific moment and in this case just about says it all because this is what a woman looks like after she has been given 80 orgasms for her birthday.

Cara Sutra

cara sutra and her beautiful eyes

I know she was in the top 3 last week and won a spot in the competition but to not put her in this week would not only be ignoring what is clearly a stunningly beautiful and composed shot but I would also be ignoring everything that Twitter said to me because when I asked Twitter to pick their favourite Sinful Sunday picture from this week the overwhelming majority came back with this one.

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  1. Mia Wallace says:

    Thank you for the inclusion in the Top 3! We had fun taking the pictures for the series, and are happy to see it was so well enjoyed.

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