Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 61

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 61

14th June 2012

Time for the weekly round-up again and I know I am probably starting to sound a bit like a broken record about this but picking my top 3 again this week was nearly impossible, but for you, I have persevered. However before we launch ourselves into that I just wanted to say that currently I tweet every single Sinful Sunday post to my followers but with the growing number of entries each week this can sometimes turn into a fairly large proportion of my Sunday. It doesn’t seem right to tweet just the ones that really catch my eye and so I am thinking that from now on I may only tweet the Sinful Sunday page as a whole rather than each individual post. I have not made a final decision about this as I rather like the tweeting and have found that it has worked really well to help spread the Sinful Sunday word but I also have to balance this with my need to not spend all of Sunday doing it.  Any sensible suggestions or thoughts about this are most welcome.

Now on with my top 3 pics of the week

Aaru’s Gate

4 in a bed

The moment I laid eyes on this image I knew it would feature in my top 3 this week. There is something very delicate and intimate about this image that I find compelling. The way the bodies are all wrapped up together looks so natural. I know a poly-life is not for everyone but these guys look like they fit together perfectly. It is a beautiful sight in my opinion.

A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

artfully arranged sextoys

One of the things I mentioned when I started Sinful Sunday was that erotic sexy images don’t always have to have people in them and that I hoped the meme would encourage people to play around with ideas and see what they come up with. This post is a perfect example of that. Penny writes about wanting to try to come up with her own sex toy photograph that is an “image that is aesthetically pleasing and more artistic than overtly sexual”. I think she has succeed perfectly. I love the glass on the left hand side, I think it looks like a red splash of liquid curling into the glass.

The Kinky Minx

panties round ankles

My picture of the week is this adorable image from The Kinky Minx. I love the retro vintage feel it has. The cute peep-toe heels with the polka-dot panties work perfectly together, the pink nail varnish seems to make for matching polka-dot toes and as well as being a beautifully constructed image it also playful, sexy and leaves me wondering. Is she at home? Why are her panties down? Maybe she is at work? Are we peeking through a window at this scene of naughtiness…. What do you think?


Ps… The full list of this weeks players can be seen below. Do give them a visit if you haven’t already…


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  1. Qetesh says:

    Thanks so much Molly, we really appreciate it. We’re very much enjoying joining in, and love looking at everyone’s amazing photos!

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