Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 63

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 63

28th June 2012

A couple of little points before I get started on my round-up this week.

Firstly I just want to clarify one of the rules and also highlight a new one I have decided to bring in. Sinful Sunday is all about the image as you know, but the rules of the game are that it HAS to be an image YOU have taken or someone has taken for you, or a painting or drawing that you have done. Taking a generic, commercial or something created by someone else is not in keeping with the theme. The whole point of Sinful Sunday is to encourage creativity and also show that you don’t have to be a professional photographer or possess a supermodels body to take sexy, erotic, playful, fun, etc images or for that matter even a body at all as it is perfectly possible to create erotic sexy images with no one in them.

Secondly I have decided to add a new rule which is that Sinful Sunday posts cannot be straight out and out product reviews. The focus of Sinful Sunday is meant to be your image after all.

And finally one of the things I am most proud of about Sinful Sunday is the community spirit it seems to have developed. I love visiting the different posts and seeing everyone’s comments and as a blogger myself I know how much comments mean to people. Many Sinful Sunday player make the effort to be part of this community and comment on everyone’s post but I am aware for some that time can be an issue and with number of players steadily increasing each week commenting on them may not be possible however that doesn’t mean commenting on none is the way to go either. As a bare minimum I would like to encourage all players to comment on at least 8 other blogs, and if you do only comment on a limited number maybe try to visit a different selection each week.

Love and Lust In London

topless man waiting in the dark behind the door with rope

I think this shot is beautifully crafted, the dark shadows give it a wonderfully sinister air and the ropes and cuffs he is holding hint at evil intentions and wicked deeds. The whole thing sends little shivers of excitement and anticipation down my spine and judging from the comments on this post it had a similar effect on many other people too.

A Couple Of Wankers

vintage girl in underwear with vintage phone

I know these guys were in last weeks round-up but when an image is a good as this one they just have to be included. This is just one in a series of 3 images that they posted and to be honest I spent at least 20 minutes trying to decide which one was the best in my eyes and should be featured here. It was such a tough choice that I nearly broke my self imposed rules and posted all 3 but in the end this one won as it sets the scene so very beautifully for the other two.

Sex With Rose

black and white shot of breasts

Sex With Rose…. Ummm, yes please would be the answer I think. Isn’t this just beautiful? This photograph literally took my breath away and the moment I saw it I knew it was going to be my top pic of the week. The lighting is incredible and highlights perfectly the curves of her breast and belly. The pose feels somehow proud and yet slightly coy at the same time and then there is her mouth with just the tiniest hint of a smile to it.

To see this weeks full list of players click HERE



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