Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 64

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 64

5th July 2012

Wow what a week! 32 amazing links this week which equals the current record for so far for the amount of people joining in. On top of this we had a whole host of new players too. It seems that each week Sinful Sunday is slowly but surely growing and growing. I hope you all continue to enjoy this space whether you are players or consumers and that the community continues to grow and thrive in this manner.
Yet again picking my top 3 was a tough task and as a result this week there is a slight change this week…. to a top 5!

Sexual Adventures Of A Married Woman

If you have not read the words to go with this post then you MUST. Having read all the comments on it and seen the giggling in Twitter I can say for certain that I was not the only person who enjoyed the wonderful humour of this image. This is definitely a man who was determined to take his ‘pleasure giving’ duties seriously.

Kira’s Kink

Naughty Alice In Wonderland

Again if you have not been and looked at the post that goes with this image then you are seriously missing out as this is one of five great images of a very naughty Alice in Wonderland and her new cat. I love the effort Kira has gone to with these images. The Alice costume and the brilliant stripy gloves and socks all combine to make some seriously cool shots.

A Couple Of Wankers

Woman in wedding dress and wearing a strap on

Damn it these guys are good. I tried my best to let them go this time but they were too good to pretend otherwise and so I hold them totally responsible for the need for a top 5. Again like so many of the posts this week this is just one in a series they have published but I have picked this as my favourite as I love the way the strap-on harness seems to match the romantic laced up feel of the dress and but for the straps passing between Lucy’s legs could, at first glance, be mistaken for a old fashioned garter belt.


Red latex kink outfit

Here is another one that I could hardly ignore although I did my best too. I have the pleasure of knowing the lovely okspaceboy and Miss C in real life and so trust me what I say that okspaceboy has a little bit of an advantage over those of us who are amateur photographers because  he spends most of his working life with a camera in his hand. Nevertheless these image have a beautiful natural quality about them. One of my beefs on twitter this week was that it is impossible to find a good erotic photographs of women who still look like real women. If you look closely so often these women appear to have marble like skin without a crease, crinkle or mole in sight. Why have we deemed it desirable to be so flawless I wonder? Anyway, even though these images in this post are clearly taken by a professional I am delighted to see that Miss C has a sexy little crease beneath her bottom and elbows, which seem to be a very rare thing in high-end erotic photography these days and if you go and look at the other stunning images in this series you will be delighted to see some beautiful moles and some delicate under arms creases. Yay for real woman!

Salacious Whispers

The moment I saw this image I knew it was going to be my top pic of the week. It is stunningly simple whilst at the same time being incredibly powerful. Not only does she appear to be reaching for the collar but at the same time she appears to be reaching into the darkness. Oh how I know that feeling. Brilliant

To see the full list of this week participants click HERE


Ps… To all the people featured in the top 5 AND to all the participants of Sinful Sunday, don’t forget you can make photography submissions to e[lust]



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