Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 65

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 65

12th July 2012

32 lovely links again this week for you to enjoy and they are all quite frankly marvellous making my top 5 choice nearly impossible yet again, but here goes….

A Couple of Wankers

camera porn

Yes here they are again and it does seem like that might have taken up permanent residence in my top pics slot but as I have always said I pick the images that stand out to me and just like in previous weeks this image is, in my opinion, exceptional. She is completely naked and yet this is not just a nude picture. By taking her own self portrait in the mirror she has added a whole new dimension to this oh so simple of images. I am a massive fan of self-portrait work, having spent many years doing it myself and I also love what these guys term as ‘camera porn’ where the camera is as much a focus of the image as the naked subject. This is just a wonderfully perfect example of both of those things.

Understanding Me

Simple beauty should have been the title of this image in my opinion as that is what it is. The soft lighting tones complement her skin perfectly giving it a rich honey colour and creating a lovely shadow that accentuates the curve of her hip and teasingly offers insight into her bent knees.

Frisky In The 916

Frisky in the 916

This is one in a series of 3 images but it is this one that caught my eye. I think this is a really well shot image. I love the hint of movement it has, the way her leg is thrown up and she is twisted in the white sheets all give it a great feel of having capturing a very intimate and erotic moment, right in the very act. She looks beautiful lost in that moment and we get to feel very voyeuristic.

Geeky Nymph

Geeky Nymph lips

Maybe I am just a bit fan of the simple images because yet again I think this one fits into that group but as the saying goes, less is often more. There is something very erotic about this; the hint of cleavage, the frame of her dark hair and the way the light focuses the eye on the luscious red lips work perfectly together to create an image that is alluring sexy and oh boy but those lips surely need kissing!

Sex With Rose

Sex With Rose

Oh wow! Yes this is definitely an oh wow image for me. A bit like the one before it is kind of focused on her lusciously full and kissable lips but unlike the one before it much more playful and revealing and to be honest just pops from the page and makes you look at it. The editing here is perfectly done to enhance the image even more. The red hair creates a real focus of colour and a frame to the image and yet even so I bet you can’t stop your eyes from focusing on her lips that curve in a most wicked manner inviting thoughts of sheer naughtiness.

You can see the full list of participants this week HERE



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3 Responses

  1. Flip says:

    Thanks for featuring one of my images in your round up…such wonderful company to be in

    Flip xx

  2. We are honored to find ourselves in such illustrious, sexy company this week! Thanks Molly!

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