Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 67

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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 67

26th July 2012

I can’t believe I am typing this but this week has seen the previous record for the number of link on Sinful Sunday completely blown away. It previously stood at 32 but this week there were 37 of you beautiful sexy bloggers joining in. It seems like Sir’s goal of 50 links in as not as far off as it once seemed! Thank you to ALL of you who played along, either this week or in weeks past for helping to make the Sinful Sunday community such a successful one.

On another note I am away on holiday this week, hence the early publication of the Weekly Round-up. I am hoping that internet access will be OK but you never know. However Sinful Sunday will carry on just as usual as everything is pre-scheduled in my posts list but I definitely won’t be tweeting it as much as I usually do so if you could all try and pick up the slack with that and tweet it just a tiny bit more than you usually would that be awesome. I promise to reward you handsomely with an exciting new competition at the end of the summer.

Time for my top 5 and quite frankly you are all just too good but writing a top 37 is just beyond me and as with all my round-up’s I have done my best to pick a diverse selection of work that just happen to catch my eye.

Understanding Me

Understanding Flutterby

So all your instinct if you were taking this image would be to try and centre it, that the large space of wall is in some way wrong but for me that is one of the reasons this lovely mirror shot is here. By setting the image in the corner of the shot it has made the viewer feel a bit like they are peeking round the door at her and by only featuring half her body it gives me the urge to lean round further to see what I am currently being denied as it looks divine.

Hubman’s Hangout

Hubman's Hangout on Sinful Sunday

The off centre theme continues with this post from Hubman. Such a simple concept here really but exacted with real skill. The lighting coming in from the side seems to work as a spot light on Hubman making him the centre of this shot and the oddly empty room means that the eye is not distracted by anything else and can focus on the naked man who seems to be spliced into two. This is image is just one of three Hubman posted for Sinful Sunday so make sure you check out the others for an alternative angle

Frisky In The 916

Frisky in the 916 on Sinful Sunday

 This image, called Legato, is one of 3 images on this post entitled Orchestra. I love the playfulness of these images but most of the imagination of these guys. They are simple but really effective. Beautifully shot in the half light and with a camera angle that gives them a real voyeuristic feel, they are fun, cheeky and most of all deliciously erotic.

 Girl Uninterrupted

Girl Uninterrupted on Sinful Sunday

Do I really need to explain why? It is quite exquisite isn’t it? The hair, the stockings and the way they seem to cut in under her bottom and accentuate it beautifully. The straight lines of the blind only seem to emphasis the curve of her waist  and then the lights of the room reflected in the window gives a teasing hint of what may lay behind her.  This is one of the 3 images on this post aqll of which are excellent but this one without a doubt stands out as being stunning.

(It Girl. Rag Doll)

It Girl Rag Doll on Sinful Sunday

I have said it before I am quite happy to say it again, if I wasn’t already married then I would quite happily marry the lovely Harper Eliot, if she would have me and when I saw this post it made me want to run out and find her and give her the biggest ( and possibly gropiest) hug EVER! One of my current pet hates is the terrible way in which woman’s bodies are falsely represented within high-end professional erotic photography. Even though there has been an increase of curvy woman within these images many of them are still clearly air brushed because they nearly all of them seem to have skin that is made from marble and not a mole, crease, crinkle or birth mark in sight. It has spurred me on to start work on a new photography project of my own, more on that another time, but when I saw Harper Eliot’s images this week it had me cheering. She called her post Body Honesty and it is exactly that and shows just how beautiful and sexy and woman with confidence and truth about herself really is.


Ps… You can see all the entries from this week HERE and you can see my entry, A Beautiful Need, HERE


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  1. tail gunner says:

    molly …
    they were all just too good! … real “rock cock” stuff. keep up the good work ( and my cock! )

  2. Thank you Molly! We are very happy with how these shots turned out, and we’re pleased that you enjoyed them as well.

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