Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 70

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 70

16th August 2012

Before I launch into my top 5 pics of the week I just want to draw your attention to the fact that the next Sinful Sunday competition, with lots of wonderful sexy prizes, will be on Sunday 9th September. I will post the prompt/theme and rules for this event at some point in the next week so keep your eyes peeled.

Right, now for the this week’s round-up… Which one’s are your favourites?

Frisky In The 916

Frisky in the 916 on Sinful Sunday

I was delighted when I saw that these guys had posted some more in their bubble bath series as they came very close to getting a spot in last weeks round up. Now I have a second chance to highlight these brilliant images. I love how they have kept them very simple, stripping out anything from around the bath that might have added colour means that the white tiles act like a perfect frame to Jill’s beautiful form. I picked this image out in particular as I love the way the wet tendrils of her long hair are clinging to her breasts.

The Kinky Minx

Kinky Minx on Sinful Sunday

So much to love about this image. The very sexy black and white corset, the full plump breasts, the sexy pasties and the curve of her waist highlighted by her hand placement all combine beautifully but then on top of all that is some great editing that has really changed the feel of this image from just another corset picture to something a much more special.

Girl Uninterrupted

Girl Uninterrupted on Sinful Sunday

Here she is again with another incredible photograph this week. The hair over her face, the dirt on her breast, the rope and restrained position all make her look so helpless and so wonderfully sexy that it takes me breath away. You can’t help but imagine evil captors, maybe a chase and a struggle before she is finally overpowered and subjected to….

My Whole Sex Life

My Whole Sex Life on Sinful Sunday

I adore this image. The look of total joy and happiness on her face is perfect and the uplift from the trampoline has performed amazing things to her beautiful boobs. This, in my opinion, is exactly what Sinful Sunday is about… having fun and experimenting with your camera to create sexy and erotic images. Great job!

Sexual Adventures Of A Married Woman

Heels N'stockings on Sinful Sunday

As soon as I saw this image in Sunday I was smitten. I love these kind of perspective shots and this one is just so stunningly beautiful. The colours are amazing and then there is her lovely goosebumpy skin and wow that nipple, but for me this image is even more important when you know that it was taken last year but Yummy didn’t post it as she was worried people would find her “fat and unattractive”, boy was she wrong! A year on from that and she has learnt to see herself in a different light and through different eyes. A gift given to her by a very wonderful man. Check out her post to read exactly what she says.

You can see the full list of this weeks Sinful Sunday HERE



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  1. We are honored once again to find ourselves in such sexy company. Thank you Molly!

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