Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 73

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 73

6th September 2012

Less than one week to go until the next Sinful Sunday competition so I hope you have all been planning your entries and playing with your cameras in anticipation. In case you have missed it you can find the prompt and the rules for entering HERE and details of the prizes HERE

In the meantime my top 5 images from this past weekend are

Being Blacksilk

Being Blacksilk on Sinful Sunday

As I have said before one of the ideas behind Sinful Sunday was to encourage people to not only have fun with their camera to create sexy, erotic pictures but to also have fun editing them. Sometimes turning a image from colour to black and white can completely transform it and that is just for starters. There is lots of photo editing software available on-line both free and paid for and with these you can do all sorts of funky things (if you are looking for a really good free resource I highly recommend GIMP) including colour splashes and I think Blacksilk has showed just how effective this tool can be to really make an image pop. Turning the image black and white has given her skin a flawless marble-like quality and then the two little chocolates dance invitingly across the top of her stunning cleavage. Just delicious don’t you think?

Kissin Blue Karen

Kissing Karen Blue on Sinful Sunday

This image makes me want to reach out the touch her warm skin. Her skin has an almost flawless creamy feel to it and yet you can still see the delicate little veins and lines that run across her breast. Her boobs are perfect in my opinion and even more so because no-one has tried to photoshop them to make them identical and all of this beauty is only enhanced by the sexy little nipple charms she is wearing.

Geeky Nymph

Geeky Nymph on Sinful Sunday

Simplicity is the name of this shot and I think it is very apt. I love the colour of her skin and the little sneeky peek of her panties. The perspective has worked brilliantly too in showing off the fullness of her breasts in contrast to the narrowness of her waist and then therr are the nipples. I just want to reach out and lightly graze my finger tips across them and see if it makes her shudder.


Red Region Inferno

red Region Inferno on Sinful Sunday

And finally my image of the week. Red is a new player to Sinful Sunday but I have been a reader of his blog for a while now as I first discovered his wonderful work through Wanton Wednesday and so I was very excited when I saw he had joined in with Sinful Sunday and even more excited when I saw his post as it is simply stunning. The delicate editing has only served to enhance this image and draw your eye to her beautiful dark curls which is clearly hiding another beautiful piece of artwork on her back, but on top of the simple visual delights of this image it tells a story of passion and lust between two women whilst really showing you nothing of detail. In my opinion a perfect capture and having just gone back and read the comments people have left on this post I am not alone in thinking this.

You can see the full list of this week entries HERE




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