Sinful Sunday Round-Up Week 76

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-Up Week 76

27th September 2012


The next Sinful Sunday competition for Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be on the 7th October. You can find the details and the all important prompt HERE

In the meantime on with my top 5 pics of this week.

Red Region Inferno

Red Region Inferno on Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday is all about the image and when I started the meme it was in the hope that it would encourage people to have fun with their camera’s and share the results with other but I never said it was just about photography. Yes that is the main focus but it is lovely to have other media too. This week there were 2 drawings linked in. One from Blacksilk and this one from Red. I am sure Blacksilk will not offended if I say that although hers was brilliant (and certainly way beyond anything I could do as I am terrible drawer) this one from Red is quite simply stunning. I find it really quite mesmerising, her expression is so lustful and heady, it makes me mouth water and my lips tingle with greed for my go. Oh and the title of the post ‘Ambrosia’…. is absolutely spot on but then I am cumslut to maybe I am biased about that. on Sinful sunday

I think this image is very clever. At first glance you see fishnets, legs and heels but when you actually study it that bit closer there is in fact a whole lots more going on. Her ankles are cuffed and attached to some sort of spreader bar, her wrists are cuffed behind her thighs, she is sitting, she is dressed and yet somehow she feels rather naked and vulnerable at the same time. I wonder how hard he pressed with the pinwheel, enough to tear the fishnets, to mark the skin, to draw blood? See, told you this image was clever.

 The Anthropology Of A Newt Kai

Newt Kai on Sinful Sunday

 As images go I think this one is pretty damn special. I love the focus of her very beautiful eye, the shape of it is stunning, the hint of full red lips, the wild hair with the touch of riotous colour in it. She looks beautiful don’t you think and yet we can’t really see her but if you have not already then please take the time to read the words she posted with this image because it will help you see more clearly the woman in this brilliant image.

My Whole Sex Life

My Whole Sex Life on Sinful Sunday

Do I really need to say why? I am fairly confident that the reason this shot is in my top 5 list is obvious and no more needs saying apart from… WOW!

I Like Chocolate, He Likes Vanilla

Poly Vanilla On Sinful Sunday

 My top pic of the week is this delicious image. It might not have the rainbow colours of the one above but it most definitely still invokes a wow. It is stunning simple and yet in my opinion powerfully erotic. To me it seems like a beautiful celebration of the female form, it just seems to shout… WOMAN!

You can see the full of this week entries HERE


2 Responses

  1. Newt Kai says:

    Molly, thank you for seeing me. Your meme, Sinful Sunday teaches me every week, what beauty and sexuality is.
    xxoo Love Newt

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