Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 77

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 77

4th October

I am very excited about this weeks Sinful Sunday round-up as for the first time ever it is not being written by me! I mentioned in my round-up a couple of week back that once a month I would be looking for a guest poster to write the weekly round-up. One of the reasons I had for starting Sinful Sunday was to try to create a community of bloggers/photographers who would be supportive and encouraging to one another. I hoped the meme would encourage people to use their cameras, to learn from each other, to gain confidence in themselves and their photography and I think as a general rule Sinful Sunday has managed to achieve this. I hope by having guest writers once a month it will further promote the community feeling and also add a variety to the round-up that it lacks when it always just my view point.

This months guest weekly round-up is written by the fabulous Rebel from Rebel’s Notes. She is a regular contributor and supporter of Sinful Sunday and when I asked her she would be the first to write a round-up she jumped at the chance. She, like me, is a big believer in the strength and importance of the blogging community and hosts her very own meme, Wicked Wednesday’s on her own blog. When she sent me her write up this week we got to discussing our thoughts on different images and why we liked them and in one of her emails she said this and I just thought it summed up the beauty of Sinful Sunday so perfectly….

“I think that if you ask five people to pick their top five of the same week, you will get a lot of differences. Similarities too, but more differences than similarities. I think it’s just what turns us on in a photo or what catches our attention that makes us pick one.”

So here are Rebel’s top 5 pics from this week’s collection.

The Anthropology Of  A Newt Kai

Newt Kai on Sinful Sunday

There is something so vulnerable, yet so strong to these images. Maybe to some not sexy at all, but there is something in her eyes that wants me to hold her, to comfort her, yet also to ask her to share her inner strength with me. I stared at the last photo for quite some time, looking at her eyes and wondering just why they captivated me the way they did.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly on Sinful Sunday

 Hair disheveled. Concentration on her face. Naked, yet not a thing can be seen. Sexy. The hand on Molly’s stomach told a story, even if she did not tell the story herself. The hand spells: Mine. A simple image, stronger than a thousand words.

Girl Uninterrupted

Girl Uninterrupted on Sinful Sunday

The three photos in this post called Anticipation captured my attention for various reasons. One is the gently colors of it, but mostly it’s the movement of her body and her hands. Looking at her mouth you can almost hear her moans as she waits for what comes next. My favorite definitely is the second photo.

Sex Musing Husband

Sex Musing Husband On Sinful Sunday

Summer. How we all love summer and to be able to be naked outside. This photo is all about summer, all about having fun and all about feeling so good doing exactly that: having fun and enjoying one of the last days of summer. It certainly had me smiling when I saw it!

It’s Just A Hobby

Just A Hobby On Sinful Sunday

This is my favorite photo for this week. I stared at the photo for quite some time and kept on seeing new things. The blindfold, the gag, her wrists tied to her feet, the plug, the beautiful shoes she’s wearing, the tattoo, her red nails, the sheet she’s laying on, her net stockings. Indeed, her Domly One has clearly shown us how beautiful she is.

Marie Rebelle

Ps… You can see the full list of this weeks entries HERE and if you would be interested in writing a Sinful Sunday round-up in the future please do get in touch.

Pps…Don’t forget THIS Sunday is the Breast Cancer Awareness Themed Week. Click HERE to see the full details


2 Responses

  1. jemima101 says:

    Blushing, but smiling hugely that you liked the image, the DO has been doing a huge told u so lol .So a thank you, and a small shoe story…

    I do not have a lot to spend on play stuff, one day rushing through a department store I saw the sign beloved of all Mums , “sale” .The youngest tried to drag me away, with the words, “Mum you have enough shoes!!!!!!” Then I spotted them, on the designer rack, beautiful, perfect in fact, and reduced from £120 to £30.

    I taught the boy a life lesson that day….there is no such thing as “enough shoes” 🙂

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