Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 80

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 80

25th October 2012

Yet again just in case you have missed it there is a Sinful Sunday competition announcement for your perusal.  Click HERE to read all about it.

In the meantime here we go again with my top 5 pics of the week…

Sexy Times

Sexy Times on Sinful Sunday

The focus of Sinful Sunday has always been photography but I do love that it is not exclusive to that media because it means that we get great posts like this to enjoy. Amorie is clearly a very talented artist. Her cartoon drawing is in my opinion excellent but it is the humour of this image that really makes it a winner for me.

T is for TMI

T is for TMI on Sinful Sunday

What a wonderful image to receive from your man while you are away from home. It really is just one great big invitation to hurry back as quick as possible don’t you think? I love the whole teasing nature of this image as Tonya herself said, a cock shot is wonderful but this is far more erotic and sexier.

Becks and her Kinks

Becks and her Kinks on Sinful Sunday

The moment I saw this picture I was smiling. It could so easily be a scene from my kitchen on a Sunday morning; a man happily involved in the task of cooking bacon… naked! This is a regular occurrence in my house. This image feels so natural, it is like a peek into a couples everyday life. No posing, no clever lighting, just honesty, just life. I love it for that.

A Slut’s Memoir

A Slut's Memoir on Sinful Sunday

To really appreciate this image you need to click on it to enlarge it, which you can do over on A Slut’s Memoir’s blog. Regardless of whether a room like this makes your body twitch in delight , as it does mine, it is still a bloody fabulous picture. It is moody, suggestive, atmospheric, it is one of those pictures that suggests a whole story or scenario in just one glance and if you are anything like me you begin to imagine restraints, whispered evil words, a buzz of fear, a racing heart, a breathless moan….. I know this is probably due to my submissive nature but this image invites me in. I wish we had space for a room like this.

This Blissful Existence

This Blissful Existence on Sinful Sunday

My image of the week is this delicious creation. The striking red hair really dominates the image but after a moment or two you then find yourself drawn to her mouth. The bared white teeth make her look almost aggressive in her pose but the ball gag implies that she is the one on the back foot. I find myself wondering if this is punishment for biting and if so I wonder who and what she bite. Oh and if you are in any doubt about this image being about biting then I suggest you go and check out the perfectly wonderful quote that she posted with this image.

You can see the full list of this week entries HERE


Ps… The Sinful Sunday Breast Cancer Awareness Competition got a mention in The Guardian newpaper this week.


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