Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 84

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 84

22nd November 2012

So what were your favourite Sinful Sunday posts this week? Here’s mine…

A Romantic Heart

Romantic Heart on Sinful Sunday

So I picked this image for 2 reasons, firstly because I love the way the out of focus arm gives the impression that the viewer is maybe peeping round the door, or through the key-hole to catch a glimpse of a young woman in her undies and secondly because when someone loses 67lb in weight they deserve not just some new undies but also some recognition for such an amazing achievement.

A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

A Penny for your dirty thoughts on Sinful Sunday

At first glance I am sure you will see what I saw… a pop-art image of some funky sunglasses but this is in fact a very clever self portrait because if you really look properly you will see that the ‘arms’ of the glasses are in fact legs! I have no idea how Penny managed to get this image so perfectly in line, it must have taken quite some setting up to get the bridge of the glasses and the angle of the legs to match up perfectly but she did a bloody great job in my opinion… this is an image I wish I had taken!

TravelNurse ToyBox

TravelNurse Toybox on Sinful Sunday

Such a simple picture but there is something very erotic about it too. The wet tendrils of hair clinging to her skin hint at showers taken or maybe a bath and the droplets of water really focus your eye on the beautiful swell of her breast but for me it is the wonderfully perky nipples that just make me want to reach out and touch….

Hubman’s Hangout

Hubman on Sinful Sunday

It can’t all be about the ladies…. Sinful Sunday does seem to have a predominantly female line up and while there is nothing wrong with that, I am sure you all know I am big fan of the female form in all its different guises, we mustn’t forget the male form especially when it is as stunning as this one. I love his pose in this shot, he looks so very relaxed and at ease and the angle of the light really highlights his muscular masculine form.

Naughty Tashamber’s Blog

Naughty Tashamber's Blog on Sinful Sunday

Tash’s post is filled with amazing images of her really rather stunning lips but it this image that I have chosen as my top pic of the week. I love the slightly wicked smile on her lips, it hints at a knowingness and then there is the glass dildo which combined with the smile makes for a highly suggestive image. Is she about to lick it? Has she already had it her mouth? She knows but you are left to guess….

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2 Responses

  1. travelnurse says:

    Thanks so much for a place that we can fully express our selves without judgement!!!

  2. Cherise says:

    Nice set of photos!

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