Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 85

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 85

29th November 2012

Time for another guest poster and this month I am delighted to welcome Curvaceous Dee to the Sinful Sunday Round-up. Curvaceous Dee is one of the few people who joined in with Sinful Sunday on the very first week I launched the meme and has been a regular contributor and supporter ever since and so I was very excited when she agreed to write the round-up for me this month so without further ado I shall hand over to Dee…

Curvaceous Dee Blog Badge

It’s such a pleasure to be the guest round-upper for Sinful Sunday – when Molly asked me I was quite delighted!

One of the fantastic things about Sinful Sunday is its simplicity as a weekly meme. It certainly is one that helps to keep me posting regularly (not to mention reading and appreciating other bloggers). I’ve been participating since it began, but one of the great things about it is how people can join in when they feel like it. This is the 85th week, and I’ve been in 73 of them – but even on weeks when I’m not posting, I’m still checking out what everyone else has put up 🙂

As the round-up person, it was a challenge to only select five for my favourite images of the week – there were 31 people participating, with many amazing photographs!

That Position

That Position on Sinful Sunday

Not only did I really like the composition of this photo (sharp in the foreground, fuzzy in the chest region) and the very pretty subject matter – but the topic of bowel cancer is one near and dear to my own heart. My father died from it a bit over sixteen years ago, so I applaud the delightfully spotty Adam for posting about it and raising awareness!

My Whole Sex Life

 Whole Sex Life on Sinful Sunday

It’s hot in this post! Every single photograph is woah (seriously – if you haven’t seen them, go and look), but it’s this image that really grabs me. Evoë’s description of how sensuous the cocunut milk is makes me want to follow it down into her apron and lick it all up…


Shalla on Sinful Sunday

Seeing Shalla in her red abandon makes me really wish I had been out playing in the woods with her – that amazing grin meant I absolutely had to include this photo (oh, and the perfect shoes!).

Love and Lust in London

 Love and Lust in London

I feel like a voyeur looking at the photographs in this post – and that makes me happy! This image – the second in the series – in particular has appeal to me. Seeing her sitting so closely, inspecting the ‘goods’. Seeing him standing, showing off. Mmm. Just lovely.  Now go and look for yourself, and see what happens next.
You can see the full list of this week’s entries here.

xx Dee


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