Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 86

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 86

6th December 2012

Yet again 31 participating blogs this week and a whole host of fabulous images for me to choose from. My top 5 this week are…

The Sin Doll

The Sin Doll on Sinful Sunday

I am a sucker for white panties. There is something so very sensual and erotic about a very simple pair of white panties on a woman and I think this images shows that perfectly. The lack of colour in this image just seems to emphasis the simple beauty of this image and I hope the Sin Doll won’t mind me remarking on her truly beautiful and sexy silver lines on her tummy. Wow what an image to kick off her Sinful Sunday participation with.

The Naughty Nerd Next Door

Naughty Nerd on Sinful Sunday

Nerd girls are sexy! It is as simple as that; the glasses, the pigtails, the books all work together to create an image that really just about sums up that statement.

Frisky In The 916

Frisky in the 916 on Sinful Sunday

I love this image. The perspective of this shot is brilliant and has created a truly breathtaking image. I find myself wanting to explore my way up these magnificent legs, only to find  myself presented with a stunning bottom for my troubles and if you check out the comments left on the post this image comes from you will see I am not the only one wanting to do exactly that.

Bare Skinned

Bare Skinned on Sinful Sunday

Another new player to Sinful Sunday this week and it would appear she enjoyed herself so much that she joined in twice. Both her posts were lovely but it was this second one ‘Innocence and Desire’ that really caught my eye. The picture I have chosen here is just one in a series of 4 but this one really stood out for me. Her slightly casual position seems to be in direct contrast to the glamorous feminine dress but it is the look in her eye that makes this image for me. She seems to expectant, like she is waiting for someone or something to happen.

Sex With Rose

Sex with rose on Sinful Sunday

 I really struggled this week to pick a favourite as quite frankly all the images I have listed here and many I have not where really bloody fabulous but in the end I could not deny Rose her place as quite frankly with this image she demanded it. I love the raunchy almost challenging stance she has adopted as if she is daring you to ignore her beauty. The pinch of her fingers into her flesh of her behind just seem to shout out sexy and then there is that birth mark. Don’t ask me why but there is something very alluring about that mark and there is something VERY hot about this whole image.

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2 Responses

  1. What an honor! Thanks Molly!

  2. Agatha-luise says:

    Proud to be part of last week’s round-up! A pleasure to meet a lot of people on #SinfulSunday!

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