Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 87

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 87

13th December 2012

Only 3 more Sinful Sundays left of 2012. It has been quite an amazing year so far but it would lovely to finish the year by ending with a record breaking number of participants but to do that we are going to have to top the current record of 37 links in. I wonder if we can do it….
In the meantime on with the my top 5 pics of the week!

T is for TMI

T is for TMI on Sinful Sunday

I know this image is a little dark but take a moment to let your eyes focus and you will be well rewarded. I am a big fan of reflection shots and this one is no exception, taken in the window at the end of their bed it captures a moment of passion between lovers. Image you are outside the window, the room is dark but what light there is suddenly highlights two lovers…. What a beautiful thing.

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel Notes on Sinful Sunday

This image might not be everyone’s cup of tea but regardless of whether you look at this image and think, fuck me that is sexy (like me) or, bloody hell that looks painful, I really don’t think you can help but be fascinated by it. Despite the fact that features Rebel’s stunning bottom it is also a rather interesting portrait of the human bodies ability to heal. I suspect knowing Rebel as I do she was sad when these beautiful marks finally vanished from her body. I know I would have been.

Sexy Times

Sexy Times on Sinful Sunday

Yes this is a beautiful image of a very beautiful bottom which in itself is a damn good reason for it to be included in this week list but if you go to Sexy Times blog you will discover that that if you click the ‘Spank’ button there is in fact another fabulous reason why I have chosen this image!

Dirty Little Whispers

Dirty Little Whispers

It is lovely to welcome another new contributor to Sinful Sunday and wow what an image she started off with.  The lack of colour really seems to emphasis the delicate erotic nature of the shot. Her back disappears into the neutral tones and the lace of the panties almost looks vintage  and then there is the very suggestive inclusion of the paddle. You can’t help but wonder what her bottom might have looked after it’s use.

Sexual Adventures of A Married Woman

Heels and stockings on Sinful Sunday

I love this image so very much. It looks like a scene from a very decadent Roman orgy… apart from the modern setting that is, but the scattered nude bodies all entwined in a huddle really give the impression of a truly decadent indulgent sexual adventure. I love the different skin tones, the stockinged legs and the various male and female forms all relaxing together. There is something hugely erotic and sexy about the story being told here in this image.

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  1. Thanks luv! And yes, indeed, I was sad when all the marks were gone!

    Rebel xox

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