Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 88

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 88

Wow what a week on Sinful Sunday. So many amazing images to chose from making it quite a challenge for me to pick just 5…

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel's Notes on Sinful Sunday

This image is lovely but really you do not get the full impact of quite how stunning it is unless you click on it and enlarge it,which you will have to visit Rebel’s Blog to do, but if you have not already then I highly recommend you do. You will not regret it. With that one simple click the full glory of this image will be before your eyes; the beautiful vivid colours of the tattoo that frame her breast really come to life and then there is the reflection providing a different and equally beautiful view of the same woman.

Notes From Nymphomaniac Ness

Black and white erotic photograph

Again this is another image this week that really comes to life when you click and enlarge it. There is something very Lady Godiva about her, the tumble of hair, the definition of her nipple and the hint of folds and shadows between her thighs makes for a very mysterious image.  There is a very strange combination of vulnerability and power within this image that I find electric.

My Whole Sex Life

My Whole Sex Life on Sinful Sunday

Do I really need to write why? This is one of a series of images from this post but I chose this one as my favourite because  I love the look of utter joy and happiness on her face. You can tell from the way she is standing that it is a bit of a chilly experience and yet she is clearly having a ball. Oh and there is something incredibly sexy about the winter hat with the tassels hanging by her breasts.

Mitsu On Mitsu

Mitsu on Mitsu on Sinful Sunday

There were two amazing rope bondage posts on Sinful Sunday this week and this is one of them. I love the way the lighting highlights the serene expression on her face and then appears to run down the front of her body and then there is the rope work itself which is quite frankly some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It appears to be pushing and pulling her body in different direction and yet she doesn’t look uncomfortable, she looks relaxed and calm.

Ava Grace The Beauty Of Submission

Ava Grace On Sinful Sunday

My top pic of the week is the other amazing bondage post that was linked in this week. This is one of 3 images posted by Ava Grace and show her in the most beautiful rope suspension. A bit like Mitsu’s image above she appears to be totally relaxed and chilled in these images, the light folding in from the side highlights the beautiful stretched contours of her frame and if you have already done so make sure you click on the link above and visit this post as the close up image looking her down her body is another absolutely stunning shot.

You can see all the entries from this week HERE



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  1. Agatha-luise says:

    Every photo you chose looks stunning, beautiful and eloquent in their own right!

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