Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 90

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 90

3rd January 2012

I was delighted with how many links we had in this last weekend, with the Christmas and New Year holidays I was expecting it to be a quiet one but boy was I wrong as we ended up with a rather wonderful 32 links in. 2012 has been an amazing year for Sinful Sunday, firstly it moved here to it’s own little home rather than residing on my main blog, we had numerous fabulous competitions and the highest number of links in currently stands at 37. I wonder if 2013 can see that figure finally being smashed.

So the last Sunday of 2012 becomes the first round-up of 2013 and my top 5 pics this week are;

A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts

Penny's blog on Sinful Sunday

Those of you who follow my Pinterest boards will know that I have a bit of thing about socks and so it is probably no surprise to you to see this wonderful image in this weeks round-up. Not only does it contain the aforementioned sexy socks but it is beautifully shot too, with the socks and feet being in focus and yet the delicious view of Penny’s back and bottom drawing your eye up her body.

Sexy Masquerade

Sexy Masquerade on Sinful Sunday

And now for the male version which was inspired by Penny’s image above and so it seemed fitting that they should sit side by side in the weekly round-up. One of the things I am most proud of about Sinful Sunday is the community of bloggers who join in all seem to genuinely enjoy each others work and will often use each other inspiration. Being a sex blogger can be a lonely existence sometimes and so seeing people work together and having fun with their work is, in my opinion, a really cool aspect of Sinful Sunday!

A Dark Adapted Life

A Dark adapted Life on Sinful Sunday

Despite this image being a bit hazy I actually find it very erotic. In fact the the soft focus of the image is all part of its allure. The light beneath her bottom creates a beautiful outline of her body and the sexy shoes just add to the killer pose.

Love And Lust In London

Love and lust in London on Sinful Sunday

To really appreciate this image you have to click on it and enlarge it and to do that you will have to go to Lust and Love in London blog but I highly recommend you do because then you will be able to see how this cleverly lit image has created some fabulous shadowing in particular the beautiful shadow of his cock on his thigh. Really stunning piece of work in my opinion

Frisky In The 916


My image of the week is this beauty from Jack and Jill. It is called ‘Come lie with me?’ and oh who could resist that offer when faced with this picture? I love the way we are teased with her suggestive pose and yet can’t really see anything, it is all implied and then there is that  sexy mischievous, come hither look in her eye that just makes me growl. Come lie with me? In a heartbeat!

You can see all the entries from this week HERE


Ps… I want to kick start the guest posters again now that 2013 is here, so if you would be interested in writing a weekly round-up do get in touch with me!!


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  1. jemima101 says:

    would love to do a weekly round up, one of my resolutions is to get to every #sinfulsunday post, i keep meaning to, but it is just so good more seem to be posting each week!

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