Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 91

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 91

10th January 2013

So we finally did it, we beat the current record of 37 links in with a whopping 39 links this week. What a seriously cool way to kick off 2013 on Sinful Sunday, however it made picking my top 5 images even harder than usual and I will admit that some people only missed out on being on this list by a whisker.

Curvaceous Dee

Curvaceous Dee on Sinful Sunday

I love the power and emotion in this fabulous image. Dee’s photography is always so expressive most often it is with love, lust, laughter and fun. This one shows a very different Dee; angry, menacing, savage, powerful and incredibly sexy.

Becks and Her Kinks

Becks and Her kinks on Sinful Sunday

Turning this image black and white was the perfect move, colour would have complicated the image where this way it is all about the tattoo the beautiful collar and probably most importantly and powerfully the hand of ownership.

The Perverted Negress

The Perverted Negress on Sinful Sunday

It was lovely to welcome Mollena as a new contributor to Sinful Sunday this week and I hope this will be the beginning of many such occasions especially if they are all like this! There is so much to love about this image but I think the crowning glory for me is her direct unwavering focus on the camera and the expression on her male companions face as he contemplates her. There is a hint of humour but also a look of tenderness and it is his face that I think makes us the viewers wonder what he is thinking and constantly send our eye back to Mollena for a possible answer.

That Position

That Position on Sinful Sunday

I think the focus and lighting of this shot is excellent. The focus draws your eye into the nipple and the beautiful nipple charm but the depth of field and the angle of the shot has created a type of mirror image with the other nipple. Also the lighting as can a delicate shadow on her skin and beneath the line her breast to help add definition and depth.

I Like Chocolate, He Likes Vanilla

I like chocolate he likes vanilla on Sinful Sunday

My image of the week is this stunningly beautiful capture from I Like Chocolate, He Likes Vanilla. The early morning sun has provided the perfect lighting to highlight the outline of her body and emphasis the sultry morning pose  as well as effectively plunging the rest of the room into darkness thereby creating this stunning silhouette image.

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