Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 93

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 93

24th January 2013

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as the next Sinful Sunday competition is on its way. Full details of the theme and rules will be published early next week.

That Position

That Position On Sinful Sunday

There is so much going on in this image and the story it tells; mischief or menace? At first glance one would be forgiven for thinking that she is hiding the whip so that it won’t be used on her but I think that fact the focus is on her hand and her back implies that she is very control of the whip and what is going to happen with it. If you don’t already know the answer then you will have to visit the blog post to discover which of those two scenarios it is.

Mia’s Musings

Mias Musings On Sinful Sunday

I can see exactly why this is ‘His Favourite View’ because what a delicious view it is. I like how the dark sheer material has created a frame and a focus of the pussy peek as well giving a nice contrast to the soft pale tones of her skin.

Sex Toy Review Land

sextoy review land on Sinful Sunday

Oh so simple and yet oh so clever; the grasping fingers have created the soft folds of what appears to be a satin vulva making a delicately beautiful image.

Ann Morette

Ann Morette on Sinful Sunday

Sometimes image on Sinful Sunday are special because they sensual, sometimes erotic, sometimes, explicit, sometimes artistic and sometimes because they are so much fun. Make sure you visit the post this image comes from because all of the images of Ann show a woman who is quite clearly having a great deal of fun being deliciously naughty and sexy!

It’s Just A Hobby

It's Just A Hobby on Sinful Sunday

My top pic of the week is fabulous shot from It’s Just A Hobby. What I love about this image, apart from the collar, the simple hair style and the lovely back, is the feeling it invokes in the viewer. She is in a chat room on a web cam, so who is the viewer? Is it her watching them, is it them watching her or is it us watching the whole scene?

You can all this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday 93



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  1. jemima101 says:

    Thank you so much, they are all wonderful pics! And yes, its like a hall of mirrors isn’t it, who is the voyeur?

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